Although some companies consider their graphic charter as a piece of paper frozen in stone, the change and modernization of a graphic charter are events that can be Cameroon Email List carried out at any time and whenever the need arises. After having analyzed its content as well as its objectives , we understand, that according to the definition of the graphic charter , it is indeed the communication medium which corresponds to the first visual image of a company and to modernize its graphic charter in the same way as that of the company then seems inevitable. Definition of a graphic charter for its redesign. Set of rules and standards that govern the graphic communication of a company. The graphic charter concerns all communication media, from the business card, to the logo, to the smartphone application.

In business, a graphic charter ensures consistency and consistency for each communication message. However, despite this definition of the graphic charter which seems to correspond to a fixed identity of the company, defining its graphic charter implies being able to show flexibility, curiosity vis-à-vis trends in graphics and marketing. But also to adapt to the modernization experienced by the various communication media, such as businesses. Follow graphic trends to refresh your image. To successfully redesign your new graphic charter or modernize one of its elements, you must select the graphic trends in which you must take part. Indeed, even if a company with a strong identity is always the coast, a company which evolves with its products and its services and refreshes its image by the redefinition of its graphic charter.

Define a new growth objective

As you will have understood, web writing takes place online, which implies that the writing must also be done from a referencing perspective (SEO) or a good positioning on the search engines. It is then for the writer whoever he is to optimize his text as well as possible by inserting key words in relation to the theme of his article in different strategic parts of the text, to take care of his titles and sub-titles, to produce quality content, use semantic markup or even design relevant links with other articles. Information research : it is the collection of data that can be done on the internet, in the daily press, in specialized articles, through interviews, etc.


Better represent the range of new services

A user who has visited your site since May 25, 2018 must always be clearly informed of the cookies used on your site, the personal data processed, as well as the purpose and duration of their processing. If this is the case, then your website is GDPR compliant if this information is listed and visible on your site. Whether in terms of legal notices or in another part of your site, Internet users must be able to easily find a list of each cookie used and its usefulness, as well as a tool allowing them to be deactivated at any time. This is particularly important if you use forms or a newsletter which involve the processing of several types of personal data.

Because most websites are built with a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other, your website is GDPR compliant if the plugins installed on the CMS that houses it have been updated to meet these new requirements. Regarding videos, players, cards, and other features inserted on your site, it is also recommended to manage consent requests because these services collect data and sometimes without prior consent. Institution, organization, company or online trade, the general data protection regulations then mainly affect your notification of cookies to your Internet users, their possibility of consent as well as the confidentiality policy of your website. Example of GDPR compliance service for a WordPress site. If your website is still not compliant, take advantage of the changes you need to make to turn GDPR into a marketing opportunity!

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