Now that you know what role play is, what its objectives are

and how it can benefit your company, it’s time to understand how to implement it in your team.

Before including that exercise in your sales plan , follow these tips.

Practice extreme situations

In the world of sports, it is often used as a reference for training,

it is common for coaches to apply overload exercises to athletes.

The idea is that if someone is able to handle an extreme situation during training, it will be easier for them to perform well under normal conditions.

That can — and should — apply role play. Think about extreme situations that can occur during a sale, such as tight deadlines, rude customers, legal complications, and delays. Apply that in the simulation and encourage the sellers to fix the problems.

Leave open the possibility of not convincing the lead

More than anything, it is necessary to Lithuania WhatsApp Number List remember that

the focus of the role play must be the development of the seller, which goes through his confidence. Therefore, it is not wise to demand success in all situations, as that is not reflected in real life .

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Therefore, a role play exercise that can be useful is one that focuses on giving up the sale. The reason could be the incompatibility of the solution with the person or the perception that the negotiation is a waste of time.

It means that the important thing is to teach the teams that these situations happen, so that they are prepared to face them without damaging the company’s image .

Prepare sellers for different types of consumers

That is one of the pillars of a role play exercise. It is essential that vendors are prepared to deal with the most diverse types of consumers . So draw a map of the ones that most relate to you and simulate a convincing situation .

Some customers, for example, have a habit of interrupting the salesperson during their approach. Others just don’t object. There are more detailed consumers and others who are more practical, who only want to know the characteristics of the product.

Therefore, write scripts focused on each of those consumers and encourage sellers to apply different approaches.

Identify and work on the weak point of the sellers

In addition to dealing with the different types of consumers, it is important to pay attention to the diversity in the characteristics of sellers.

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