Clients also have a direct role in the best content formats for sales enablement.

Currently, marketing is becoming more open to allowing user

interactions, and the content of reviews and recommendations are a clear example of this.

That your customers have posts on your blog or even make

reviews on external pages, dedicated to opinions and ratings, will favor your sales enablement strategy .

This can be a powerful source of generating new opportunities. In the end, nothing has more engagement than an

objective opinion from someone who has already used a certain product or service.

Word of mouth marketing

keeps your reach intact . Instead of being overshadowed by the appearance of digital channels, it has used them to make itself much more visible and tangible.

6. Case studies

It is one of the content formats for sales Mexico WhatsApp Number List enablement that follows the line of success stories.

It also consists of exposing the case of use, exploitation and results of a certain client , simply with the difference that it will be approached through the perspective of a study.

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What the client did well, what value your company contributed, how the numbers progressed, among other factors, are some of the information to include in this type of material.

In short, it is a more technical and, if you will, academic content, based on numbers and following an explanatory approach.

7. Nutrition flows and, in general, email marketing

Email marketing , that classic Digital Marketing channel.

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