In short this metric tells you where to focus your efforts so you can build your list faster. (3) New and you’ll see a pie chart showing the ratio of new to returning visitors: google analytics for WordPress If you have a high ratio of returning visitors to new visitors, that’s a good sign – it means people like your content and will come back for more. On the other hand Colombia Phone Number, if you have a high ratio of new to returning visitors, it means your outreach techniques are working well and are bringing in a lot of new visitors. (4) Pages per visit This metric is visible in the same window as above (Audience > Overview): google analytics for wordpress.

How the Cost of Websites Has Come Down Over the Last Couple of Years

A large number of pages per session per visit is a good sign it means your visitors enjoy your content and explore beyond the pages they land on. (5) Bounce rate Again, this as above (Audience > Overview): google analytics for wordpress Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without visiting another page. In general you want to aim for a low bounce rate because that means your visitors like. They see when they arrive and decide to check out what else you have.


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Even bigger than in normal times. According to research on marketing during crisis periods over the past 100 years. And the effect was long-lasting. It was still visible years later. It is important here that you as an organization must remain visible. Although the immediate urgency to conduct marketing is less great at first sight. Or as the author states. It is a condition that brands must be available to their consumer or audience, in good and bad times”. The face behind the performance or exhibition You can say that this is not the best time for the cultural sector.

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