Gothic typography (used by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440) , Humanist writing, used during Guam Email Lists the Italian Renaissance. The graphics then undergo a slow evolution at the rate of technical and cultural evolutions. A significant change occurs in the XIX th century where a distinction appears between the fine arts and applied arts. Visual arts: everything starts from an inspiration Applied arts: everything starts with an order The graphics contemporary: from the XX th century With industrialization and the advent of the consumer society, new media emerged and advertising landed from 1945.

Graphic design then took the bandwagon and became professional to promote and use these new communication tools. The graphic designer then becomes a professional, he formalizes and clarifies a political or advertising communication message and then formats it graphically. The International Graphic Alliance was founded in Basel in 1950. From 1960 to 1970, poster artists such as Cassandre, Savignac, Villemot and Jacno, made themselves famous with the development of advertising . poster-pot-au-feu-maggi-savignacAdvertising poster for the Maggi pot au.

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Sources: Graphic Design – Alain Weill – 2003 – Découvertes Gallimard Graphics, design, video and comics are popular and some graphic designers are recognized as artists: Roman Cieslewicz or Grapus for political posters, Jean Widmer for visual identity. The term “graphic” and “graphic design” are inventions of the XX th  century, the term “graphicdesign”  is also becoming more widespread. Affiche-Roman-Cieslewicz-opus-international-1968Affiche : Roman Cieslewicz opus international 1968 The profession of graphic designer The graphic designer must master professional software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, (  Creative Cloud Abobe 2015 suite ) ,…


He must know how to draw and handle numerous visual codes, in particular the language of colors , typography …). He must be curious and be open-minded enough to be able to adapt to all requests. The translation of ideas into images is carried out in at least two distinct stages. Analysis of customer demand The analysis of the customer’s request is carried out during a creative brief, most often followed by a restitution serving as specifications. Example: Extract from a creative brief for the Flower Market logo The translation of ideas into images and the development of a concept Once the idea and the orientation have been defined, the graphic designer expresses it in an aesthetic way to translate with relevance the message formulated by the client.

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The emphasis is on developing the concept. In a communication agency , this phase takes place under the responsibility of an artistic director. The role of the graphic designer may include the choice of paper, colors and words. Once the image has been developed, it can be used in communication media such as posters. Cecile MalherbeCecil Malherbe, graphic designer The skills and qualities of the graphic designer The graphic designer is essential in any graphic chain, he must: to be creative, be on technological watch, obviously have a sense of graphics and aesthetics, have an interest in books, image and text formatting, have a sense of colors and knowledge of its symbolism.

To conclude, Since its origin in the caves of Lascaux, graphics have become omnipresent in our society. Whole sections of our economy depend on visual communication, imagine for a moment your daily life without a graphic designer? Securing the web is one of Google’s priorities. How to secure your website and improve your SEO thanks to the SSL certificate? ZEN READING secure-website-ssl-certificateUpdated October 17, 2017 What is an SSL certificate? SSL is the abbreviation of  Secure Socket Layer  which could be translated as secure sockets layer. Netscape in collaboration with Mastercard and a few American banks are at the origin of this process to secure transactions made via the Internet.

An SSL certificate, also known as an electronic certificate or digital certificate  or public key certificate,  can be likened to a digital identity card. This data file links a cryptographic key to the information of a natural or legal person and makes it possible to secure data exchanges by encryption (128 bits, 256 bits, etc.) . padlock-security-website Until now, electronic certificates were used on e-commerce sites, webmails and more generally on sensitive sites such as banks, taxes, etc. The use of SSL certificates is gaining ground for: Access to secure sites, (ex: AntheDesign web agency site ) Banking applications, Archiving and secure sharing, Social declarations, Sending dematerialized mail, Dematerialized invoices from government suppliers,

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