Chinese-made wind farms could become

Wind power to drive the energy transition. , the EU, Norway and the United Kingdom plan to double their offshore wind capacity by. That will mean a rapid increase in construction, especially for offshore wind. Which has only reached 16 GW so far. The EU recently conducted a security exercise focused on wind farms in the North Sea, and operators have begun sharing sensor and camera data with their respective defense ministries in an effort to discourage sabotage. Marine facilities themselves face both threats of sabotage and the ever-present risk of cyber intrusion. Wind farms face another worrying vulnerability: dependence on China in their supply chains. Wind turbines made in China cost less than half the average price of those made elsewhere.

Although the number of European countries

using them remains low, Chinese companies have declared their interest in participating in European wind energy auctions. and in opening production. facilities on the continent. Chinese suppliers sell these Bahamas Phone Number Database components at “incredibly low” prices. Senior European wind energy executive tells me. And then for certain raw materials, “China is the main producer and exporter. And this is especially true for some of the raw materials used in permanent magnets,” says Christoph Zipf of Wind Europe. The European wind energy trade association. (These magnets convert the energy generated by the turbine blades into electricity. In recent months, Western suppliers of wind turbine equipment have also started to receive more offers from.

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Chains underpinning the world’s energy

Potential Chinese investors who want to form joint ventures or buy significant minority stakes. Because wind turbine components are generally not considered cutting-edge technology with defense and security Hong Kong Phone Number List implications, they are not automatically scrutinized under the Foreign Direct Investment legislation of most Western countries. In fact, 10 years ago it would not have been necessary or desirable to monitor Chinese involvement in wind energy: profitable goods made in China (and abundant oil and gas from. Russia were the great benefits of globalization. Now, however, energy dependence on China is a growing danger. Especially since the country replaced Germany as the world’s leading producer of solar panels more than a decade ago.

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