Agencies are no longer the most effective way to grow an ecommerce business . While they offer experience and a different perspective to stand out, gone are the days when they could give a brand all the resources it needs to thrive. Businesses today face many more complexities than they did a few years ago, and unfortunately, agencies are not equipped to deal with them. To win big, companies need a different relationship with those who help them manage their brand. If you are looking to scale growth quickly and at less cost, the best option is to work with a partner or partner. We manage 100% of the growth of your ecommerce – Get to know Impulse Ecommerce an agency vs.

A partner or partner A partner will be someone who puts your brand’s success first , with whom you’ll have a real relationship, and who will bring a wide range of experiences to help you thrive in every element of the business. There are many aspects in which the differences between working with an agency and a partner are distinguished. These are some of them: 1. Partners provide a broader experience The agencies are based on a UK Phone Number old-fashioned specialized model. They may be well or proficient in a particular platform, but not enough to help your brand win on others. In a market where omnichannel is key to success, that can create some blind spots.

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A brand works with an agency is that they are not to just one. They have to make contracts with different agencies to help them cover all the bases that the business needs. This creates a heterogeneous — and expensive — mix that can be difficult for brands to manage. On the other hand, having a single partner provides expertise for each business channel at a significantly lower cost. In the case of ecommerce businesses, a partner can mean having experience in different areas such as strategy, marketing automation , sales channel management , customer care , social media, content marketing , UX and UI, SEO, analytics and much more. plus; at a single point of contact. businessman talking with a partner 2.

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With a partner, financial incentives are Working with an agency can often undermine goals. For example, suppose a company wants to grow at a lower cost. Even if your agency is to keep ad spend low, your agency may be to spend more because you receive a commission. By associating with a partner, the company’s incentives become the partner’s incentives. In this way and with clear objectives, both the company and its partner will work together to have powerful solutions that impact significant growth. 3. Partners offer more flexibility Most agencies expect their clients to commit to a multi-month or multi-year contract. That can be financially draining and can be difficult if the relationship with the agency deteriorates over time.

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Partner brands take on flexible and scalable spending with average commitments of 18 to 36 months. With the option to pay with a revenue share agreement. Business partners shaking hands Why have a partner like Impulse? Impulse is the partner that helps scale the most promising e-commerce brands in the market in different ways such as: 1. Operation of online channels Impulse begins by working with the development of the business strategy. Then, it goes through the technical implementation until taking over the daily operation. In this way, your partners can concentrate on product development, logistics and offline expansion. 2. Revenue sharing model Impulse partners pay for the service with a revenue share agreement.

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