Of your Google Chrome browser. At the very top of the page, you can select the desired period to be erased. If you want to get rid of all the caches contained in your Aruba Email List browser’s memory, select the ”All periods” button. Then check the boxes next to ”Cookies and site data” and ”Cached images and files” before finishing on ”Clear data”. Once the cache of your Google Chrome browser is cleared, here are the consequences that will result. On the one hand, some options related to websites will have disappeared. For example, when you revisit social networks, you will be brought back to re-enter your username and password .

Be sure to remember them, even write them down somewhere (as a memo) before clearing your Google Chrome browser cache. On the other hand, to the extent that you have opted for a synchronization of your Google account with your Google Chrome browser, you will remain connected, in order to delete your information on all your devices. With some websites, the process may take longer due to their content or images that need to be reloaded. Cookies are nothing other than data generated by the sites you visit . The purpose of these latter is to facilitate the user experience by saving certain information relating to his navigation on the site.

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For example, the cache saves parts of certain pages, videos or illustrations so that the user can explore the page more quickly in future browsing. Cookies, too, disappear when you decide to empty the cache of your Google Chrome browser, by checking the corresponding box. Once the cookies have been deleted, you will be automatically disconnected from the websites, the preferences previously saved can also be deleted. To proceed with a complete removal of cookies, open your Google Chrome browser, click on the Settings option , choose the ” Privacy and security ” menu and go to ” Cookies and other site data “. Validate the ” Display all cookies and site data ” functionality and end the action with ” Delete all “.

Chrome browser, you have the choice of modifying the options relating to cookies by allowing or not the cookies requested by the websites. Be aware,  owever, that since you do not allow a site to store cookies, some that require login with a username and password may not work. The design of your website helps maintain your image with your customers while boosting their visibility. Who says more visibility, says more visitors and prospects! As such, a header redesign gives your site a facelift . It is also a good opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. And to arouse the curiosity of prospects. Find out how to rejuvenate your website with a header redesign through this article.

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The header designates the ”top of the page” of your website comprising the major information highlighted within your website. This information makes it possible, for example, to guide your visitors in their navigation . This is why it is essential to have an attractive, understandable and ergonomic header . The redesign of the header thus consists of reworking the design of this part of the home page in order to rejuvenate your website.  The graphic redesign focuses on modernizing your home page. To do this, it is imperative to retouch the visual identity . As well as the graphic charter mobilized by your activity.

In some cases, the ergonomics of the interface may also undergo some significant changes. Always with the objective of rejuvenating your website with a redesign of the header.  The structural overhaul affects the entire structure of the website. This involves a review of the various options offered, including careful observation of visitor behavior through Google Analytics . Following this observation, we may have to change the CMS . In general, a structural overhaul involves an SEO optimization (natural referencing) of the site. Since 2017, the use of the Internet through smartphones and tablets has largely overtaken browsing via a computer or a pc.

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