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Company the company You can filter The type of service that the person offers or needs such. As accounting coaching graphic design etc. Service categorie linkedin filter First name Last name You can filter by the first name or last name Company the company  of the person. Name filter linkedin Title You can filter by the job titles that the person currently holds. title linkedin filter Keywords You can filter by any keyword that appears in the persons profile such as skills interests certifications etc.

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Company and School Keywords Special Data you can also look for companies and school using keywords. keyword company and school linkedin filter You can use boolean search to run complex queries on these fields More on that later  Company the company  For now lets take a look at the company filters. Linkedin Company the company service that the person Advanced Company Search Company filters allow you to find and follow specific companies on LinkedIn based on their profile information. You can use the following company filters Locations You can filter by the country region or city where the company is headquartered or has offices. company location linkedin filter Industries You can filter by the industry sector that the company belongs to or operates in.

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You can also use it to find clients BEB Directory if you are offering products or services to consultants coaches or freelancers. advanced linkedin search services Among the filters you can use are Services categories Location Connections st nd or rd Profile Company the company language . Schools You can filter schools by the name or description using the Linkedin search bar. advanced linkedin search school . Products Companies can now attach one or several product to their company pages. advanced product search filters You can search for these products using two filters Product category.

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