The description of a video, A product sheet on an e-commerce site, A white paper , A publication on social networks … Writing web content has given birth to a Solomon Islands Email List new web profession: the web editor . What are the goals of content writing? Writing web content is one of the pillars of natural referencing  (SEO) . Search engines value websites containing content providing a relevant response to the request made by the Internet user. The more content a website offers, the more likely the Internet user will be to find an answer to his request. Producing qualitative content can be the object of a strategy of conquering visitors, this is called content marketing .

Writing content for the web must participate in the following objectives: Allow a good understanding of the message (s) thanks to clear, coherent and complete information, Convince the reader with examples or quotes from reliable sources , Improve the  positioning of your web pages and develop your audience, Retain your visitors by arousing their interests thanks to the diversification and originality of your content, … Search engines are placing more emphasis than ever on the quality of editorial content. Many factors influence the ranking of your website: the variety of texts, the terms used, the number of words, …

How To Profit From It?

The content of your website has a very strong influence on improving its positioning. It is not enough to repeat the same keyword several times on a page to increase the visibility of this content! Search engines prioritize the quality of the content and the relevance of the information. How to produce quality web content? Quality content has a positive influence on your SEO and writing web content must appeal to both Internet users and search engines. Here are some rules to follow for writing text content for the web: A short title (between 4 and 10 words),  unique and catchy for each page, Content that is explicit and understandable by the target audience,


A catchy hat of fifty words, the first lines of the content must give part of the answers to encourage the reader to continue, A structuring of the different paragraphs for a good hierarchy of information, from the general idea to the particular points and not the other way around, Airy and punchy text, reading must be easy and fluid, Short sentences (less than 20 words if possible) and if possible without spelling mistakes , One idea per sentence and one article or one page = one theme, The main keyword or phrase must be present at the beginning of the article,

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The number of occurrences (density) of the keyword must be measured (beware of keyword stuffing), Writing unique texts (ban duplicate content), An article (or page) must contain at least 300 words. Good to know: If you use all the “variations” of the keywords used in your web content, you may be able to exploit the  long tail . The use of the long tail makes it possible to reach more qualified visitors. With well-written quality content , you bring useful information to your visitors and improve your ranking  in search engines. Tip: Update the content of your website regularly so that Internet users come to consult it regularly. preparation for writing web content In short,

Writing web content is the cornerstone of SEO. It makes your site visible in search engines and helps build user loyalty. Quality web content gives credibility to your speech and your offer, it generates visits and can even trigger the act of purchase! If you want your site to be visible on Google , consider integrating content writing into your website creation budget. To find out more, contact us ! Tanaguru Contracts-Finder. and improve your presence on the network. Since the bounce rate is very important, it is essential not to neglect it.  Among the most popular advertising plug-ins of the moment, we have among others.

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