Penalize sites hosting low added value or duplicate content . Quality content according to Google’s criteria Ukraine Email List remains a sure value whatever the SEO trend of the moment. Unique content providing real added value will have every chance of being well positioned in search results. What is quality content according to Google? The objectives of the Google Panda filter Penalize the positioning of poor quality sites obtained by questionable SEO techniques. Promote the natural referencing of sites with qualitative and relevant content for the Internet user. To improve your position, your editorial content must be unique and the editorial content must be optimized.

The growth of “Rich Answers” The “Rich Answers” are on the rise, these questions asked to Google are always more numerous. Google’s response is given at the search results level before entering the site. If the content collected by Google on your site exactly answers the question asked by the Internet user, the click-through rate is often very interesting. The best way to take advantage of the potential of Rich Answers is to produce qualitative content that answers Internet users’ questions using the long tail . SEO: what is the role of the long tail? To conclude on SEO 2016 trends,  the secure HTTPS connection and Mobile Friendly will be essential in all SEO strategies for the technical part.

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Beyond the technical, a summary of other SEO trends for 2016: The content remains ROI, unique content with high added value, The video is a good vehicle traffic, a well-integrated video is a guarantee of success, The tweets are indexed in Google, optimize your presence on social networks, The local SEO is a good growth driver, if you own a local business, go for it! The Rich Answers are growing! Take the opportunity to take advantage of the long tail in your field of activity. You can now take advantage of the 2016 SEO trends and continue with our SEO recommendations for 2017 !


Created in 1995 by Brendan Eich, JavaScript was a simple scripting language. Today JavaScript is one of the heavyweights of Web development, here is its identity card. ZEN READING JavascriptUpdated April 17, 2019 JavaScript (often abbreviated JS) is the first scripting language for the Web . It was started by a very popular early internet browser called Netscape. The javascript is included in the html file with its own tags that we will decline later in the article 🙂 The latter adds some  cool features that HTML doesn’t have. These additional functionalities make it possible in particular to make the web more interactive, JavaScript was only executed on the client side (web browser on the visitor’s side) .

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However, the JS can now count on Node.js which offers a server side environment allowing the use of JavaScript language to generate web pages, that’s yet another story;) Behind this name hides a set of technologies intended to carry out rapid updates of the contents of a Web page, without requiring the least visible reloading by the user of the Web page. The technologies used are diverse and depend on the type of requests you want to use, but in general JavaScript is constantly present. To complete the presentation, the association of JS with Ajax technology (acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)  allows rapid updates of the content of a.

Web page in the absence of reloading by the user. It is a technology used by Facebook for uploading posts. In general, when AJAX technology is used, the JS is never far away. Warning: JavaScript has often been confused with Java, another language that needs to be compiled. Its little story In its early days, the latter was called Live Script and it was a simple language for the Netscape Navigator 2 browser . At the time of its creation, it was the object of many criticisms. It has long been considered to be insecure and with too few explicit error messages.

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