If you invest in tailor-made products, you are sure to have a unique creation that you will not find in a competitor. And above all, the graphic design of your brochure Nigerian Email Database will be 100% at the service of your content and the message you want to convey. The average time to produce a tailor-made commercial brochure is longer, its creation is more complex and must comply with several stages. Support and implementation of suitable text content. Specific research for you and for the message you want to convey. Exchanges between you client and the communication agency or the graphic designer. The difference between a tailor-made brochure and a Template is also found in the price.

you just have to slip your text content and visuals. Why a commercial brochure for your company? Do you want to communicate a message and promote your business? The sales brochure is the appropriate communication medium. Even before choosing between a custom brochure or a brochure made from a Template, do not lose sight of the main objectives of your commercial brochure thanks to the AIDA method  . our sales brochure: designed from a template or just for you should be attractive, impactful and easy to read. It must reinforce the image of your company and the expected message must be adapted to reach your target.

Business Brochure Template

The choice of the type of visual design of your commercial brochure is to be made according to your wishes and your budget: from the unique creation to the creation from a template that can be used by a competing company. Other articles can help you in your reflection. What format for your sales brochure? What text content for your sales brochure? Update 07/26/2017: according to MOZCAST.COM, more than 56% of links in Google search results are in HTTPS . If you are still using HTTP now is the time to take the plunge, plus there are now free certificates .



Graphic charter  of your website. Choose a dominant color present in your logo and logically on all your other communication media. Choose to complete this dominant color one or two colors taking into account the trends of 2017. Create your color palette (RGB or RGB, CMYK or CMYK, HTML) . You can also take the opportunity to meet Material Design requirements , this is a design trend that will continue in 2017. Also consider optimizing the user experience  of your website for all devices (PC, Smartphone, tablet) . In your business communication, the colors used convey symbolism , they stimulate the imagination and can even provoke the desire to buy. Contrary to popular belief, color is not just a matter of taste.

For Very Widespread Characteristics

Regarding SSL, Google announced in September 2016: “from January 2017, Chrome 56 will indicate in the address bar a message indicating a danger for certain websites not accessible via HTTPS. ” The SSL and HTTPS are they mandatory for all websites since January 2017? But what is it exactly? What is an SSL certificate and what is HTTPS? For a website, an SSL certificate is a data file that links a cryptographic key to the information of a natural person or a legal person. Installed on a web server, the certificate activates the green padlock and the HTTPS protocol in browsers.

The objective of the SSL & HTTPS pair is to ensure a secure connection between the web server  which hosts a website and the browser used to consult it. ” Is a secure connection mandatory for everyone from January 2017? No, there is no obligation to secure your website in January. However, setting up a secure connection is strongly recommended for sites collecting sensitive data (bank cards, passwords, member area, etc.). Indeed, the first sites affected by the report from Google through Chrome will be sites that exchange confidential data such as e-commerce sites. The lack of a secure connection to access the site will be reported through Google Chrome, with the very likely consequence of lower sales.

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