As a consequence of a good engagement, we have one of the

most desired objectives by Digital Marketing professionals and managers : loyalty.

In other words, generating engagement is not only a key factor

for the customer to buy, but it is also essential to ensure

that they always return and, also, that they become a defender and ambassador of your brand .

At the end of the day, if trust has been won, the company can

count on the efforts of its own delighted customers to optimize

, in a lucrative and profitable cycle .

If the potential buyer has seen

value in relationships with the company — which, as Portugal WhatsApp Number List we said, must be present in all moments of interaction, in addition to the purchase — he will want a shortcut the next time he needs to buy and will prefer the option that you already know and are already familiar with.

In addition, it is important to note that engagement plays a very important role in keeping the link with customers alive. This can be done with email actions, for example, sending promotional offers and specific products for each type of consumer . Thus, it is possible to carry out both upselling and cross selling .Portugal WhatsApp Number List

It is like a relationship between friends, in which the parties keep in touch to keep up with what is happening in their lives. In this way, they share moments, ambitions and needs.

Similarly, companies must always

keep up with their buyer, who is a complex human being with constantly changing perspectives and desires.

In this sense, email is used as a channel to reinforce the nurturing of clients with whom there has already been contact. The company continues to break down new objections and establish a long and healthy relationship for both.

What are the main reasons to have engagement if your product is not selling?

As we have seen so far, engagement is instrumental in achieving more sales and expanding the consumer base. However, there is an alarming problem that occurs when a company has good engagement, but does not sell.

This is how we arrive at the central aspect that summarizes the problem of this article.

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