For this first article devoted to the websites of the 2017 presidential candidates, we have selected the Nicaragua Email List four candidates declared to be the best placed in the polls. According to a BVA-Salesforce survey published on Thursday, January 12, the top four candidates are: Marine Le Pen with 25 to 26% of the voting intentions, François Fillon with 24% of the vote. Emmanuel Macron with 16% to 20% depending on the future socialist candidate.  Jean-Luc Mélenchon with 12.5 to 13% of the voting intentions.  We are therefore going to take a look at the popularity of these four 2017 presidential candidates on the web. Google Trends : a tool for analyzing trends in web searches.

The criteria used for this comparison on Google Trends are as follows: Comparative research terms: Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron. Location of searches: France only,  Type of research: web searches. Trend analysis period: the last 90 days.  On Google Trends, the interest shown in each candidate is consistent with the surveys. We note a peak in popularity for François Fillon on November 21, 2016 during his visit to TF1 the day after his surprise victory in the primary of the right. As in the BVA-Salesforce survey, Marine Le Pen takes first place in terms of popularity on search engines and in terms of trends on Google Trends.

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