Damaged parts shaft & bearing are replaced

Even with just an additional 10mm of length, your reel spin will feel much more powerful.

This difference will be felt clearly when using lures that have high water resistance such as deep diving lures.

Leverage will increase power. However, That’s the main reason longer paddles were invented.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Drive

There are many choices of offset paddle brands in the Malaysian

Among the most popular are Livre, Zpi, Avail and RCS.

Because Japan is the leader in the fishing Database industry, it is natural that the market is dominated by their brand.

Drave – an emerging brand to challenge other established brands. What is interesting, it is made by local children from Malaysia.

To Be Honest, I Chose Drave Because of Course Because the Price is Cheaper .

Its Somewhat Robotic Design. Caught My Attention. However, The Choice of Colors is Quite Large, and Matches. The Color Scheme of My Cq101.

Besides, It Must Be Because. However, I Want to Support Malaysian Products.

Schematic diagram of the M5 Drave knob. Two bearings for each knob.
I chose a 90mm (gold) handle with Knob M5 with a combination of black & gold, priced at RM460 ready for postage.

Expensive it is much cheaper than the Livre brand handle & knob price


After 3 months of installing this handle on my reel, there BEB Directory are some advantages and disadvantages that I can see:

My only suggestion is for Drave to change/improve the material on the shaft & bearing to be more resistant to salt water and include a handle care manual in each of their packages.

After All, if You Only Use. However, It on Freshwater Fishing. There Should Be No Problem at All.

An interesting addition to Drave
One of the interesting things about Drave is the superb after sales service , which should be commended.

After returning from the Blackbass Sri Ganda trip for two days, with the conditions of the fishing field being extreme (it’s certain that I couldn’t avoid splashing salt water on the reel), I found that my knob was no longer spinning smoothly. It’s stuck.

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