The selfie is a formidable marketing tool . It responds to a primary human need to connect with other people, offering them a way to create their identity and image Senegal Email List and disseminate it through social networks. selfie Payment by selfie? After Mastercard and Alibaba, the e-commerce giant Amazon filed on March 10, 2016 a patent for payment authentication by facial recognition. This payment system allows customers to validate their payment by taking a selfie. Authentication of the transaction is achieved with a smile or a blink of an eye. This payment method would be more secure than a password or PIN according to Amazon. The objective is to reach the youngest consumers who love selfies. Source: LSA connected commerce MasterCard Have you ever heard of relfie?

The relfie is derived from the selfie and further characterizes the “generation Y. Click, photo”.   Contraction of “selfie” and “relationship” , this shot taken on Smartphone features several people. One of the purposes of relfie is to show affection to the other person in the shot. The relfie refers to the romantic relationship and therefore proves that the selfie is still very trendy. The Science of Relationships site specifies that posting relfies characterizes the 16- to 36-year-old generation very well. This generation uses relfie and social networks to stage moments of happiness. relfie The selfie is no longer reserved for Generation Y only and it has become a real social phenomenon.

Made Up Of Several Sections

How to navigate to know the exact position of your links? Decryption of search results returned by Google. ZEN READING Decryption of search results displayed by GoogleUpdated on August 27, 2019 A search results page (also called a SERP)  is a web page that is automatically generated by a search engine such as Google. The search results displayed are automatically generated based on the keywords entered by Internet users. The results are presented in the form of a list and the results most relevant to Google are positioned at the top of the list. Classification of results For some requests, the presentation of results may be different.


Presentation of a search results page The search results of a search engine such as Google are made up of many elements presented in different sections: Top of the page, Search filters and parameters, Search results and announcements, Bottom of the page. google search resultsThe different sections of a google search results page – Source: Google Composition of the different sections of a search results page 1> The top of the page google top The “OK Google” icon to perform voice searches , A set of squares to access Google applications (Gmail, My Business, etc.) , Your photo after logging into your Google account or Google+ profile .

The Google Search Results Page Is

Search filters and parameters Filters and search options Filters and search tools  to select the type of result you want to display (eg images, news, videos,…) and search tools (eg: colors, dates,…). Private results to display private results (eg Gmail, Google Calendar) and the “world” icon to display public results. The “cogwheel” parameters to modify parameters such as the language, the number of search results per page, the SafeSearch filter,… 3> Search results and announcements google search results The search results are displayed with the following layout: A blue title that corresponds to the title of the web page ( Title tag ). Click on it to access the site.

A green URL that matches the web address of the site in question. A preview of the content of the web page also called a meta description which appears below the site URL and includes words from the page in question. The words typed by Internet users are displayed in bold to help you decide on the relevance of the page you are looking for. The ads Google Adwords  : up to 4 ads displayed before the natural results. The word Announcement is displayed in front of the site URL highlighted in green. 4> The bottom of the page Your geographical position is displayed at the bottom of the page with the possibility of modifying it.

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