Google Discover definition and operation in practice

Recently, a new trend has appeared . In fact, Internet users automatically receive information or articles on a product, in personalized content. This phenomenon, called , is very beneficial both for Internet users and for companies that have set up e-commerce. How does this new approach work? Have you ever received personalized content on your smartphone or mobile device? These are what we call Google Discover . This content appears as recommendations intended only for you. They can be new recipes or articles presenting various news. Google Discover was launched towards the end of 2018. Through this application we can receive content that has been selected and developed from our search history. The application can also detect our interests.

The particularity of this concept therefore lies

The fact that it generates personalized content flows. The goal is for the Internet user to feel targeted and to be attracted by what is offered to them. He is required to click on the links that appear in the content. To do this, just one click is enough. Google Discover does everything to take care of the visual Telemarketing Data appearance of this content. Most articles, recipes and news feature catchy titles, an ideal and effective way to capture users’ attention. How can people use Google Discover? Indeed, the search engine will record it. It will subsequently reuse these centers in order to offer you content adapted to your needs.

To further explain how Google Discover works, we'll take an example

Let’s say you’re fun football and you like a particular team. This is why you regularly research this team or football in general. With the help of search engines and Google  BEB Directory Discover, Indeed these search engines will push you towards articles related to football, or even your favorite team. This will be done according to the Discover principle. From then on, Google will enter your searches into well-defined categories. Which can only be beneficial for you. In fact, each time you visit the site, you will be routed to the right boxes. This way you will get good content. Do not wait any longer. Open the application on your Smartphone. At the top right of the screen you will find your profile photo. A single click on the latter allows you to access the various application settings. All you have to do is click on activate Discover.

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