Trategy using both paid and natural referencing. It is important for e-commerce sites whose conversion rate depends on traffic, but also for showcase sites that Ghana Email List generate leads. SEM is an acronym used to denote Search Engine Marketing . It can be translated into French as “Search engine marketing”. This discipline makes it possible to generate traffic on a website thanks to the combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising). SEM is an important channel of communication . He stands out for his approach which is to let the customer come to the company (pull marketing), rather than push him to buy (push marketing).

In other words, the objective of SEM is no longer to create the need among the consumer as traditional marketing would do. Its purpose is to respond to an already existing purchase intention. To understand how SEM works, you have to understand its components. It is the synergy between the use of commercial links and natural referencing that significantly increases the traffic of a website. The SEO is the optimization of search engines. An SEO consultant or a web agency will implement a set of on-site (keywords, content, HTML tags, etc.) and off-site (backlinks) optimization techniques to enable a website or a web page to be well referenced on one or more keywords.

SEM is the implementation of a

This is what the web referencing giant offers with its Google Ads service (formerly Google Adwords). These advertising links appear first with an “Ad” mention. Then, the SEO results come below. Concretely, depending on your activity, it will be a question of choosing the keywords on which to place your ad. Each keyword has an average cost-per-click (CPC), which will help you determine the budget needed to generate the ad links. The stake is to bet higher than your competitors on “the location”. Whoever wins the auction gets first place in sponsored links. The second biggest bid gets the second place and so on. It is a pay-per-click (PPC) system: you only pay when the Internet user views the link.


Of appearance of your ad, as well as a geographical area. This optimizes your budget. If you are a restaurant in Compiègne, there is no point in appearing in search results for Bordeaux. The SMO is outside the scope of the search engine. We are talking about Social Media Optimization here . This web marketing technique consists of optimizing your presence and visibility on social networks. It combines the use of sponsored advertising as well as the animation of communities ( community management ). Like the SEM, it allows you to respond to an already existing demand, but within the framework of social networks. The latter operate differently from search engines. Likewise, each medium has its own codes.

You can also calibrate the frequency

To achieve this, you need well-written and relevant content, but also designed by and for SEO . A web editor will offer you topics with good SEO potential, along with the most efficient keywords given your field of activity and the competition. He will also know how to write optimized content (placement of keywords, tags, etc.) to give your web pages every chance of being well positioned in search engine results. In addition, web copywriting is all the more useful as the demands of SEO are constantly changing. Even if you have mastered the codes today, what will happen tomorrow when the long tail and voice search take on importance?

A digital marketing strategy is a complex set of methods, levers, actions and tools. A campaign that fails because it fails to reach its target, because prospects do not convert … will result in a deadweight loss in terms of ROI (return on investment) . And since your marketing budget isn’t stretchy, you don’t have time to waste too much time. In the digital world as elsewhere, time is often money. A web copywriter not only saves you time, but also saves you a fair amount of energy – which you might have spent in vain. In addition to the writing itself, a professional can take care of all aspects of your communication: development of the content strategy, research of keywords, proposal of subjects, integration of online content, distribution and promotion …

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