User experience design UX user experience: knowledge From the beginning, the functions within software design were divided between a web designer and a developer. However, as sites became more complex and therefore more labor intensive, new roles emerged such as information architects, system administrators, system architects, and many Slovenia Phone Number supporting roles. Currently, user experience design is made up of a series of activities (research, information architecture, interaction design, etc.) and requires knowledge in cognitive psychology, human-computer interaction, and even research design. This list of skills are what differentiate a UX designer from a traditional web designer.

UX User Experience

How to implement user experience on a website? In order to implement UX on a website, it is necessary to resort to professionals in that area. The reason for this is that they not only know about web design or the implementation of tools, but also know the functioning and cognitive process of the human being. However, there are some basic principles on which UX is based: Knowledge of the human being : Part of the UX is knowing how the human being works within the network. This implies knowing his level of attention, the strongest points where the gaze is, among others. Know the users : Carry out studies before. During and after the launch of the product on the target audience of the company. In this way you will know their behaviors and preferences.

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Multiplatform: Without A Doubt

It is a very important aspect, valued both by Google and by users. This means that the same site must be able to work on all existing platforms and not lose its format. Content creation process user experience UX Analysis tools regarding user experience. A common mistake when developing a website is. Designing it for interaction with site owners and not be for users. Consequently, the conversion of page clicks is low despite the traffic. In this situation, there are tools available to evaluate the user experience on the website. UserTesting UserTesting offers a wide variety of services to measure the user experience.

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