What is packaging? Can packaging influence the sale of my products? How do I create more creative packaging designs to surprise my clients ? We will answer these and more questions below. What is Packaging? The packaging becomes the container of a certain product. It is also known as the art of designing various packages with the main objective of protecting and preserving all kinds of products. In addition, these are usually based on a technology that allows an adequate distribution and storage of the products, as well as their conservation.

On the other hand, for advertisers , packaging designs have the main objective of attracting the attention of customers , since they consider that the presentation helps a lot to know if the product will be successful or not. Even if a good packaging is made, it could become the image of the brand and be a determining factor for the consumer to Sri-Lanka Phone Number your product first. For this, your container must meet certain requirements, such as being reusable and contributing to the environment. What is packaging in marketing? Currently, packaging in marketing can take into account other disciplines to generate really attractive designs.

One Of Them Is Neuromarketing

Which is an area to the analysis of the brain’s reactions to sensory stimuli such as the smell, color or surface of the product. The objective of this analysis is to know how consumers react and thus generate attractive packaging for them. What is Packaging Design? Certainly we are in a broad market context with a large flow of similar products. So in this scenario it is necessary to create differentiating elements to highlight the product among a great offer . The marketing and design area must work precisely on one of these aspects: the elaboration of a creative packaging design. Designing packaging involves creating innovative product packaging that allows a product to be differentiated from the rest, capturing the attention of customers.

Sri-Lanka Phone Number

The following criteria in an effective Designing packaging strategy. Define the identity elements of the brand . These include the logo, slogan, brand colors and typography, among other visual elements. Define the packaging style considering the target audience. Since the packaging is to capture the customer’s attention, it is important that it takes into consideration their style and interests through insights. Create a packaging that considers the user experience . Although one objective of packaging is to attract the user’s attention, it should not lose the qualities of ease of use and practicality. Take advantage of limited edition packaging.

This Type Of Packaging

Tends to captivate the public much more, motivating the purchase of a product that is only momentarily available. What do online buyers demand from Packaging? According to a survey out by the company «Shorr», the vast majority of online shoppers are in packaging. The reason for this is that for the consumer it is very important that the product to has creative and easy-to-open packaging. Therefore, packaging has to surprise consumers and make a difference. Also, it is essential that the packages arrive without any type of damage that harms the presentation and content. Thus, it is clear that a beautiful and original packaging on the. Internet can sell more than the rest of the products that lack packaging. Since a large number of customers enjoy opening their products.

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