Webmarketing, you’ve heard of it before. Maybe you use it on a daily basis? But do you know Central African Republic Email List exactly what it is? Here is a definition of digital marketing in 5 questions. To report your favorite pages, simply place the canonical tag in the area of ​​the source code of the desired page. It should look like this: You can further boost the effect of the canonical tag by using a sitemap file to indicate which URLs to index. Warning: only place one tag of this type on the same page! Otherwise, the robots will pass without seeing them … In less than two decades, digital has profoundly changed the world of commerce.

An integral part of the daily life of all companies, in B2B as in B2C . But what exactly is the definition of digital marketing? What are its objectives and fields of application? The tour of the subject below. In essence, digital marketing brings together all of the business practices and methods that go through digital channels. Like traditional marketing , it aims to develop a company’s sales by deploying communication actions designed to adapt to the desires and needs of consumers, with the aim of increasing turnover. Initially limited to uses related to the Internet, the definition of digital marketing has evolved to encompass innovative technologies (smartphones, touch pads, mobile applications, video sharing platforms, social networks, etc.) as well as new uses relating to these technologies (Internet browsing from mobile terminals, local searches, voice searches, etc.), as they arise.

What is digital marketing?

At the start of the year, if you notice a drop in visits and sales on your website, it may be that it is time for you to review your digital marketing strategy, taking inspiration in particular from the new trends for 2018! Are you seeing a drop in visits and sales to your website? What if it was time to review your digital marketing  strategy by taking inspiration from the new 2018 trends? To continue increasing your strategy in order to meet the expectations of your customers and consumers, here are the digital marketing tools and best practices to follow this year and adapt to your field of activity. The marketing of influence that runs through “influencers” (bloggers, public figures …)


Aallows brands to convey powerful messages on social networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Social media consumers pay more attention and more credit to the publication of products or services by an influencer than through Social Ads. To launch a good influencer campaign, you must then mobilize the right influencers, define your objectives, your type of visibility and image, as well as the appropriate type of partnership (video product test, gifts, sponsored articles, contests …). The General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on May 25 across the European Union is a golden opportunity for companies and their marketing managers to strengthen their customer relationship and gain more trust from consumers. and thus gain ground over their competitors.

So much so that web marketing is now

How? ‘Or’ What ? In particular, by creating full transparency in terms of data collection, enhanced protection of them as well as real experience when they are shared. No longer fear the GDPR , but make it a marketing opportunity! If brands have adapted their marketing strategy and their content to social networks for several years now to capture the attention of thousands of users of these tools, today they must continue to adapt their content to the trends happening on the networks. In 2018, it would be difficult to do without audio and video content when we see the impressive growth that we have had in “stories” and more generally video on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, but also Youtube.

The public appreciates its content and brands must therefore also create their stories, playful, local content adapted to the language of consumers. Be careful, however, the algorithms favor engagement publications and video content must then as much as possible transform a passive reader into an active reader. Artificial intelligence is the cutting edge technology of the moment for marketers. AI is becoming more and more accessible in 2018 and many players in the digital marketing industry are predicting an increase in the use of AI by more than 50% before 2020. AI is a tool that can be part of a digital marketing strategy that can be integrated, for example, into an engagement platform.

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