The battle between digital vs print has been going on for some time and while we still think it’s far from being over, the statistics are pointing out some interesting aspects, scoring points on both scoreboards. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important battlefields and see the evolution of both print magazines and digital magazines. How did print magazines and online magazines appear? gutenberg Even though, if we think about it nowadays, print usually equals paper, this wasn’t always like this. Remember when writing used to be done on walls, and patterns are printed on clothes? Prepare for a long trip back in time. The earliest print samples consist of Cylinder seals, woodblock printing, and handwriting.

Print had later a huge evolution, during the Printing Revolution when Johannes Gutenberg introduced the mechanical movable printing, often considered to be the most important invention of the second millennium. Gutenberg’s invention played a key role in the Renaissance-Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment, putting the basis of Kuwait Phone Number printing. Modern printing also includes things like newspapers printing, flyers, magazines, catalogs, photograph printing, clothes or any other type of object, including cars. While print seems to have been with us since forever, digital came to greet us around 20 years ago. Even though the difference in age between them is quite obvious in the favor of print, digital has gained a lot of ground and has grown impressively.

One Of The First Print

Magazines that switched to a digital format was actually Datamation, a computer magazine. Between 1952 and 1998, this publication was a publish in print type of magazine. Ever since its appearance has moved on the web and is still going on strong. Nowadays, creating a web magazine is simpler than ever. Using magazine creators, digital newspapers, e-books, brochures and so on, are designed in a heartbeat. How did print influence digital and vice-versa? harta Ever since digital made its appearance, people say that print magazines (and print in general), are going to die. But this rumor has been going around for a while, and yet, book printing services are still profitable.

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So how come print is still around when the predictions were talking about planning its funeral? Remember when the motion pictures started to grow. What about the time when the TV became available, and later on, affordable. Everybody was saying that theater doesn’t stand a chance against this. Here we are, in 2017, and theater plays are more appreciated than ever, and television is still a huge influence in people’s lives. The main reason behind this situation is the fact that TV/cinema and theater, usually have different target groups. They are not entirely different, but their intersection area is quite small. This applies to digital vs print as well.

While The More Artsy People

Tend to enjoy an old school book, its feeling, and smell, the tech savvy individuals are tending to choose the digital. And that is perfectly fine. There is plenty of room for all of us and plenty to choose from regardless of our preferences. Depending on the source, this battle is won by one or the other, so we can easily admit that it is far to be over. But why do we perceive digital vs print as a fight, instead of considering a cohabitation? Let’s take a look at Sports Illustrated, for instance. The famous magazine started off with one printed issue per month. Nowadays, they have both. Moreover, a few years ago, they decided to cut the print-only subscriptions. This way, they encourage people to purchase both of them, so that they will experience their content in different ways.

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