Each new branding project at Fuego Yámana begins with an immersion stage in the organization and has as its objective (in addition to knowing the core of the company) to discover its DNA. What do we call this way? To the nectar, or to put it another way, to the essence of your brand that makes it unique and unrepeatable.

Our communication team is in charge of this task and is in charge of conducting the initial DNA interview with the members of the project. This work is complemented with an analysis of the competition and review of the brand context in which the product or service works.


Why did we start here and why do we believe that this point is not only important but fundamental to face the communication of your company? We invite you to continue reading!


The importance of discovering your essence

We live in a world full of brands competing for our attention. Except in exceptional cases, your business faces many others every day who seek the same thing: gain preference and (if we go a little further) even perhaps Jamaica Phone Number  make their customers fall in love, so that they choose them. This is why it becomes essential to understand the DNA of your brand and discover what makes it unique.


What is your differentiating proposal? Why should a customer choose you and not the competition? These are some of the questions we seek to answer as a starting point for visual identity, digital marketing or web development projects. Finding those answers involves understanding the business and discovering what makes it unique. Sometimes it can be something intrinsic to its form or formula, the experience it proposes, its philosophy or its storytelling . Whatever it is, the important thing is to recognize it and let your customers know through your communication.

Differentiate your brand from the competition

If you still need to continue working on this point and want to know more about how to differentiate yourself, we suggest you read this article from Nube store , which details 4 fundamental points for your brand to stand out:


1 -Study your market and competition


2 -Define the personality of your brand (what is its character and philosophy like?)


3 -The rule of the three “i’s”: invest, innovate, improvise


4 -Repeat like a mantra: “the relationship with the client does not end with the sale, this is where it just begins”


But this does not end here!

The next step is to bring it out into the open and to life.


DNA in action

Therefore, Beyond this first fundamental step that consists of understanding the value proposition of your business, the important thing is that you can work on it and make it an integral part of the communication with your audiences.


Both your brand and visual identity, as well as your website, your social networks, blog or any other communication channel you use, must be focused on consistently transmitting the essence of your brand, and bring out what makes it unique and will achieve capture the attention of your target audience.


That is why, if there is something we can recommend to you, it is that once you discover your DNA, you nurture and maximize it: in your branding, marketing and also as part of the organizational culture.


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