You will see a list of communications agencies to contact. You can also consult online directories such as Yellow Pages or Sortlist. The networking and word of mouth Scotland Email List are also very useful means to find a communications agency. It is about looking in your network of contacts. If you don’t already have communication agencies in your contacts, have an agency recommended by one of your contacts. This method has the advantage of being more secure, because you will be entitled to a real testimony of the experience of someone you know. Of course, it will then be necessary to verify that the services offered really meet your needs.

It happens to all of us (or almost) to believe that we have a good idea for a mobile application. We then spend our time defining its functionalities, thinking about its design… Then comes the moment of the  first cost estimate of  the project, the moment of coming back down to earth. We then realize that creating an application can be very expensive. But don’t give up hope. You will understand by reading this article that it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to create a successful app. All you need is a good, simple idea that doesn’t require a huge investment to achieve. You would surely answer me that it is easy to say. Impressed by the success of Uber, WhatsApp or Facebook,

Mobile Applications Are All The Rage!

We imagine that an application must represent a certain social value or at least be useful to please mobile users… But we are wrong! Here are the top 20 useless mobile applications that hit the mark. 1 – Fake-A-Call Android iOS fake-a-call mobile application Imagine a boring night out with your old elementary school friends. The conversation does not stick. You can’t find a point of attachment, and you spend your time looking at the time. Launch the Fake-A-Call app. Go to quick setup and schedule a call from “Mom” in five minutes. When the cell phone rings, all you have to do is pick up the hook and say the mysterious “Don’t worry, Mom, I’m coming.”


Remember to greet the gathering with speed and with a regret grimace on your face. ” See you next time ! And you are saved. Available for free on iPhone and Android, Fake-a-Call has been downloaded millions of times. Not bad for an application that does not require complex development or jaw-dropping app design or, in other words, 2 – Ultra Voice Changer Android iOS Ultra Voice Changer Ultra Voice Changer is a free app for Android and iOS that transforms the sound of your voice, with over 30 fun options to choose from, such as the voice of a robot, Alien, or the possessed. There is even some use there since the application allows you to personalize the voice mailbox of the smartphone.

The Top 20 Useless Mobile Apps

A welcome message from Alien, why not? But make sure you don’t miss a call from your boss so they don’t fall on them. This very simple application has been downloaded several million times. A real success story. 3 – Talking Tom Android iOS Talking Tom Cat 2 mobile app This free mobile game, available on Android and iOS, has been a huge success worldwide. Its first version was downloaded 350 million and the second 600 million times, but we should not forget the other members of the family, created following Tom’s success: the Talking Angela cat, the Talking Ginger kitten and, for dog lovers, Talking Ben. The gameplay of this game is very simple.

Tom repeats everything the user says with his heartwarming voice. You can stroke it, scare it, push it to make it fall and even hit it. The application also contains some mini-games in which to take care of the cat. The development of a mobile game of this type costs, not surprisingly, much more expensive than that of the applications presented above. This is because there are some things that you can overlook in a classic app that are absolutely essential in a mobile game, especially the design. If we forget, however, these requirements, Talking Tom surprises us with its simplicity. 4 – Watching Cute Girl iOS watching cute girl Here is a good app for loners.

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