Interface material design The choice of the pallet as well as the typography are very important in Gambia Email List Material Design, this aspect should not be underestimated. In addition, the American giant has adopted two typographies. The first is the Roboto then the second is the Noto Sans. The small peculiarity of the Noto Sans is that it adapts to 256 regions / languages. Why this choice ? Quite simply because they are optimized for the web for good readability. Both typographies are available for download from Google Font. The layout of the space is paramount because it is inspired by paper and ink. That is to say that this “sheet” can adapt as desired. Isn’t it magic?

Is added to capture the user’s attention (micro-interactions) . The grids, typography, colors and pictography constitute the composition and orient the user, he is therefore visually guided. Movement is the engine of actions, it starts from the point of interaction without breaking the continuity of the user experience  (ux design) . It gives meaning, ensures consistency and continuity, while giving subconscious information about objects and their transformations. Some image examples of material design metamorphosis of material designThe material metaphor defines the relationship between space and movement,

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Google explains it through the inspiration of paper and ink.Vivid material design graphicsVivid graphicsMovement in material designThe movement: the grids, the typography, the colors and the pictography constitute the composition and orient the user because he is visually guided. To facilitate the adoption of Material Design by developers and facilitate its distribution, Google has created a website where many resources and all Material Design specifications are grouped together:  Material design – Google design guidelines . do-dont-material-design-my-account-your-accountGoogle language recommendation for material design The material? Google-style Flat Design? But what is the Mountain View firm doing?


It simply aligns itself with its competitors Microsoft and Apple by taking up a concept: Flat Design . Google wants to democratize its ‘ style ‘ with a framework called Material Design Lite. Google has its in-house framework called AngularJs on which it is possible to graft a Material Design theme. Let us briefly recall the interest of a Framework (development framework) . Basically, the Framework is a toolbox based on a CSS grid with a class system with Jquery components to ensure the interactivity of your website. For example, another CSS framework is talked about a lot, it is  MaterializeCSS . The latter is based on Google guidelines . It is a framework to follow …

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Material vs Flat Design, two distinct web solutions Flat Design / Material Design Material Design It responds to an action by the user with a movement, It unites the real world to the digital world, The material design is thought in a more academic way than the Flat Design, It is based on realism and physics. Flat Design It is part of the continuity of skeuomorphism , It is a responsive design solution , It allows speed and lightness, It allows simplification and readability. Sources: Century Digital Material DesignMaterial Design Our opinion, Material Design is developing slowly but surely. Moreover,

Google services took a while to get started with Material, which may seem annoying all the same … One of the main strengths of the material lies in its innovative vision, with a design that combines responsive design with movement and material. We see it in the  web trends for the year 2016 . We have here a desire to standardize the web but would not be its great weakness? Maybe we will breathe only thanks to Google? Come share your opinion on our blog! Update September 01, 2015: Google adopts a new logo, a link with Material Design? Update February 09, 2019:  5 2019 web design trends.

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