which is to say that it reigns supreme and that no information published on the web escapes it. Google has the largest database in the world and continues to collect a significant amount of information. “Big Brother” aka Google, does he know everything about you? The Google Palau Email Lists is also: The largest video platform with YouTube (more than a billion users and more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute on the platform) The first messaging operator with Gmail, The most used browser with Chrome, The world’s first mobile operating system with Android (1 billion users), One of the most used social networks with.


The world’s most widely used free online mapping service with Google Maps,… This non-exhaustive list may lead us to ask ourselves the following question: with such a quantity of data collected on its various networks, what does Google really know about us? google knows everything Google’s slogan Don’t be evil ” Don’t be evil ” . In the spring of 2004, this sentence appeared at the top of the letter sent to investors some time before its IPO. Larry Page wrote that “With this phrase which is our motto, we have attempted to define precisely what being a force for good means – always doing the right thing, ethically”. This motto sums up the stated will of Larry

From 1998 To Today, Google Has Become The Undisputed

Page and Sergei Brin to make Google a company that works for a better world, only the future will allow us to verify it. In the meantime, the online research bulimia is endless, since 2001 it has bought out some 151 companies and patents. Its investments are mainly distributed in social networks, e-tourism, e-commerce, mobile, the connected home, robots and drones, enough to collect and aggregate some additional data about us. When you surf the Net … When you do research, when you browse websites, when you are interested in products,

whatever your browser, your place of connection, your age, your gender, your clothing, musical tastes … From the moment you surf the Net, Google knows everything about you and your habits with all the traces of your browsing, your social profiles, your comments on a blog, your opinion left on an e-commerce site, … To get a little idea of ​​what Google really knows about you, just type your first and last name on the search engine, you will certainly be surprised. If you no longer want to be visible, your only recourse is to ask the search engines to remove the search results for you. It is the right to be forgotten which dates from May 13th.

Leader Of Internet Search Engines, Ahead Of Bing

This only applies to certain countries, including France, you can request it from this form on Google and choose to remain in private navigation. To get an idea of ​​what Google knows about you, go here: https://history.google.com/history/ What future for the search engine? Since its IPO in 2004, the Google share has experienced a meteoric rise, its capitalization reached 360 billion euros and its profit for the year 2013 was 12.9 billion euros. Google stock in New York exceeds $ 1,000Google shares exceed $ 1,000 in New York on October 18, 2013 The firm of Larry Page and Serguei Brin, invested well beyond the Internet.

They are working in Silicon Valley on several major innovations, such as automated cars and Google Glass, which are part of Google projects. Your car will know your driving habits and the places you are accustomed to. With Glass, other people wearing glasses with augmented reality will have real-time access to information, without having to consult their phone. Google GlassGoogle Glass A priori the recent acquisitions of Google would allow to know everything about us even offline. With the acquisition of Skybox, the search engine now has satellites that will monitor life on earth in real time, it will then have its own surveillance network capable of taking high-resolution photos and videos.

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