As of 2018, the number of short video app users Douyin is second only to Kuaishou, Kuaishou’s decentralized content operation model, Kuaishou mainly focuses on a short video sharing community, downplaying Mexico Phone Number the platform to highlight users’ encouragement to record their own daily life after use, so that in It has an advantage over Douyin in terms of breadth.

Douyin is building a short music video community, mainly focusing on youth, and the core users are mainly KOLs who produce high-quality videos and some traffic IPs, stars, etc., and attract more ordinary users by creating high-quality videos, thereby driving platform traffic. So Douyin focuses on the music section, which is one of the reasons why Douyin accounts for the majority of the video music module


As of February 2018, more than half of Douyin’s active users are under the age of 24, and most of them are post-90s. The post-90s emphasize individuality and pursue entertainment. They have a strong social desire and focus on interacting with others. At the same time, the post-90s are the fan economy. main force.

3. User classification

(1) Purposeful users : For example, some KOLs, by making short videos, can circle fans and promote their products to realize monetization.

(2) Aimless users : For example, some only follow the mainstream and have social needs, and shooting videos is only one of the ways to realize themselves.

(3) Browsing videos : Get in touch with new things and consume fragmented time by watching short videos.3. Product Analysis

2. Product functional structure

The main function of Douyin is to browse videos and shoot videos with music .

The shooting interface directly enters the music selection interface, and at the same time, click to enter the same music shooting on the browse video page, and design shooting entrances on different pages to highlight music shooting.

Browsing videos occupies an entire screen on the home page, and converting videos to slide up and down allows users to enjoy an immersive experience. Even the functions are designed in the first-level interface, allowing users to understand at a glance.

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(1) Function 1: Shooting function

The Douyin shooting function is mainly divided into shooting works and stories.

The Douyin shooting interface updated the shooting interface and added more special effects in June 2018.

Click the shooting entry on the home page to jump directly to the shooting page, and put the three main functions of selecting music, shooting, and uploading videos on the bottom bar, changing from a three-sided layout to a top-bottom layout.



(2) Function 2: Shooting stories

The recommended videos are more based on the short video recommendation algorithm, and there is no great promotion for long videos, which is also in line with its positioning, and at the same time in the personal center There are mainly two categories of works and liking, so Douyin hides the button for stock market shooting, which is the same position as the live broadcast.

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