Many brands may see their businesses as doing well and showing promise; however, after a while, they may find themselves with unfulfilled expectations and enormous wasted potential. And, in general, it is not fully understood what happened. Have you ever wondered at what level of maturity your ecommerce is ? If you have, this quiz will help you get the answer. Would you dare to try it? What is the evaluation about? It is the result of a joint effort between Impulse and the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE) that resulted in the first study carried out in Latin America on the maturity index of ecommerce . The online survey will allow ecommerce to obtain a 360° diagnosis of the growth potential of their businesses.

In this way, it will be possible to quickly identify the areas in which they have competitive advantages, as well as those in which they must work. Completing the evaluation only requires about 10 minutes, enough time to obtain a roadmap with the next steps that ecommerce must follow to grow and become a benchmark in its sector. ecommerce Australia Phone Number level How can it help ecommerce businesses? Knowing the level of maturity in which an e-commerce is located is key, since it will allow to have a deep knowledge about the state of the business , from those factors that have the potential to become differentials for its sector, as well as those that harm them and retract the possibilities of growth.

To Reach This Diagnosis

The survey evaluates e-commerce in 9 crucial areas of any e-commerce business, which are detailed below: infographic the 9 areas of maturity of an ecommerce 1. Growth Team This area considers factors such as the size, structure and processes of the Growth team, the role of Growth and the competencies of the team. 2. Culture This evaluates aspects such as leadership, growth culture and interdepartmental vision. executives shaking hands in a company 3.Product Management This section considers everything that has to do with product development, prices and packaging. 4. Marketing This area evaluates the marketing mix, the quality of acquisition channels and brand equity . 5.Growth Hacking Here factors such as conversion, retention and virality will be taken into consideration.

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Data & Technology This section deals with the availability and accessibility of data, automated data and soft data . person reviewing metrics in analytics 7. Operations This section is all about order management, inventory management, and fulfillment and fulfillment. 8. Customer Focus This area revolves around topics like personalization, customer experience , as well as customer care. 9. Sales channels Here aspects such as marketplaces, shoppable content and social platforms will be evaluated. The results will allow businesses to obtain a roadmap that indicates the path to follow to ensure their sustained growth in the future. In this way, companies will also be able to identify what may be holding back their growth and what measures they can take to improve.

What Will You Discover

With the evaluation? No ecommerce is the same as another. Those who decide to complete the survey will be able to obtain detailed results for each aspect described above. As well as recommendations to follow according to each particular case. Although each business is different, there are 8 levels in. Which they could find themselves after completing the survey and these are. Ecommerce maturity levels infographic Level 1: Rookie. Businesses at this level are those brands that are just venturing into the world of e-commerce. Therefore, they are still in the process of discovering how the business works. Level 2: Explorer They are brands that have already begun their research process in various areas to develop their e-commerce. Are beginning to define what type of resources they should acquire to further develop the business.

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