Otherwise you will not be able to start the configuration. Jetpack account settings image. Required for it to work in sync with wordpress if you have done the registration correctly. You will be able to start working with jetpack. When you activate the free version. You will be shown the general settings screen. Where you can see the initial view of your website’s statistics and how you have the default plugin configured in terms of security and performance: entering the “settings” section.

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We see in greater detail everything that can be configured and what extensions can only be used with one of the paid versions of the plugin. You can work by changing settings when writing new posts. Show the Guatemala Phone Numbers mobile version of your website through the plugin. Show buttons to share your articles on social networks and protect yourself against web security attacks . However. Functions such as creating backup copies will only work if you “checkout”.

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Acquiring a paid license. If you prefer. You can take a look at the website backup service offered by godaddy. Starting at €2.99/month. Conclusion after seeing this mini tutorial. It is possible that if you keep jetpack installed you may have to remove plugins quickly as you could have incompatibilities in favor of jetpack. We recommend that. As far as possible. You take advantage of the advantages that we have analyzed throughout this post. In addition. We are sure that you will not want to do it. But if we still have not convinced you.

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