Why is emailing profitable? The emailing is profitable ! Yes, but on condition that certain rules are followed to achieve profitability. In this article, you will find some Palestine Consumer Email List tips to improve the return on investment of your mailings. The presence of companies on the Internet has become essential, France alone had more than 36 million online buyers at the end of 2015. Emailing makes it possible to reach these millions of buyers at a lower cost and to be present on the Internet . Analysis of e-commerce figures at the end of December 2015 – source: JDN. One of the advantages of e-marketing is that it has no borders and that with just a few clicks you reach a large number of readers.

By creating good visibility on the Internet via e-mailing, you relay your digital communication campaigns at a lower cost, while developing the growth of your business. The first advice is to avoid the purchase of data files: this one is very often poorly studied in relation to the intended target. You risk spending money unnecessarily since the Internet user will very quickly put your email in the trash without having even read it! So build up your own list of contacts yourself: users of your site, potential customers … You can build up this organic file, which will grow by itself by 3 simple means: Commercial prospecting, sales, in store etc.

Some Tips For An Effective Email

In a BtoB context: for example, you can offer your customer to receive their invoice online. In a BtoC context: for example, you can generate a points system associated with a loyalty card, for Internet orders. On social networks  : inviting Internet users to join your community is a good way to collect interested contacts.  And of course on your website: subscriptions to the newsletter, proposals to send promotions by email. Before you start, define which type of emailing to choose. There is mass emailing, or Bulk email marketing  is all about providing information. Examples: flash sales, newsletter, promotional announcements, etc. The emailing notification, or trigger marketing . It serves as an alert email to the user for a particular event.


Examples: birthday email, Product back in stock, Promotions on recently viewed products, etc. And also transactional emailing . There is a service email linked to the purchase or to the finalized order. It is an important step in your sales force. Examples: follow-up of the sending of the order, confirmation of payment, sending of an invoice, etc. Who can support you in your communication by E mailing? Different emailing platforms or dedicated software are good tools to help you manage the sending of your emailing. Examples. These tools will also help you assess the send rates and deliverability rates of your mailings. They will identify issues that are preventing the recipient from receiving your email such as:

Emailing, A Flagship Tool Of Digital

A communication agency can also help you give credibility to your emailing: by directing you towards mailing solutions integrating different authentication standards such as. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) … These standards provide legitimacy to your mailings by proving that you are neither a spammer nor a spammer. In addition, a communication agency can help you format your emailing ( writing , markup, keywords . It can also design a responsive emailing (smartphone compatible) . The strategy of sensory marketing aims to charm one of the 5 senses, alone or simultaneously. Its objective is to put the future consumer in a climate of confidence and consequently to (himself) offer a product, or a service.

Providing consumers with favorable characteristics extrinsic to the act of purchase. Sensory marketing term encompasses the Marketing Visual , the  Marketing Hearing , the  Marketing Taste the  Marketing Touch  and  Scent Marketing. In 1973, Philipp KOTLER already defended the fact, in an avant-garde article, that a positive sales atmosphere generates emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses on the consumer. A positive sales atmosphere therefore results in a tenfold purchasing probability. In 2002, Patrick HETZEL in his work entitled “Planète Conso: experiential marketing and new consumer universes” demonstrated that sensory marketing could be included in experiential marketing.

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