First, let’s understand the importance of engagement. In the end, we do not want to conclude with this text that engagement is not necessary. Therefore, we need to deepen the concept.

These days, it’s very common to see engagement as any kind of routine interaction that happens with company profiles on social media , for example. Many users even think that likes are equivalent to good engagement. However, reducing its concept to this is a problem that leads to misconceptions of its importance.

on social channels , but also the entire communication strategy of the brand with its consumers and potential customers with the aim of generating their active participation .

It goes far beyond, therefore,

so-called vanity metrics and tries to understand Poland WhatsApp Number List the quality of likes and comments, seeks to interpret the numbers and contextualize them. In the same way, it goes beyond social networks and includes channels such as email .

The main purpose of generating engagement is to strengthen business relationships and go beyond a simple purchase and sale commitment . The company better understands who its client is and tries to assimilate and understand their problems, needs and ambitions, and then know how to communicate and establish a bond of friendship.

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In this context, the connection

between the brand and people becomes horizontal, as if they were friends talking and not as someone trying to impose a product or an idea. This is consistent with the modern mindset of marketing and inbound marketing and also with the vision of digital transformation .

So, engagement becomes a weapon to position your company

correctly in the digital world in which the customer already has a

more active posture. The consumer is a person with the power

of choice and greater influence, with characteristics that allow him or her to make a safer and less easily influenced decision.

In this way, the idea of ​​conversing naturally with consumers

places the brand in a healthy way in people’s daily lives. As a consequence of all this, we have an active brand, creating stimulating

dialogues and bridges with people in a social way.

By creating links more naturally, purchases on the website

or in stores also become more organic.

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