Demographic groups they’re part of and how much space you’re taking up in the digital sphere. 6. Facebook referral traffic This metric describes the number of times someone clicked from your Facebook Page to get to your website. If you publish a lot of blog posts or product links on Facebook. this is a good metric to monitor. Why you should track Facebook referral traffic: Having a significant referral traffic number here tells you if your Facebook posts are effective. This number is excellent for general traffic tracking but also for ad campaigns where you create a landing page on your website.


Where to find it In Sprout. integrate with your Google Analytics and find the metrics in the Google Analytics Report. Screenshot of website and social activity via Google Analytics in the Sprout Social Dashboard. Alternatively. you can head to Google Analytics itself and find it in the network referral section. Screenshot of Google Analytics showing Facebook as a referral source of traffic. 7. Follower demographics Demographics metrics break down your audience base so you can tailor your content better to them. How much money does your average follower make? Where do they live? What age range are they?

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Why you should track Facebook follower demographics: Knowing who makes up your audience helps you tailor your content better. Your audience demographic is an important component of building your brand’s social media personas. Where to find it In Sprout. the Facebook Page Georgia Phone Numbers Report has a Demographics tab that breaks your audience down into age. gender. country and city. Screenshot of Sprout Social Facebook Reports dashboard showing your Pages’ demographics. In Facebook Insights. the Audience tab provides some demographics and Creator Studio’s Insights

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Audience section adds on a few more demographics. Screenshot of Facebook Creator Studio Audience tab showing Age and Gender of Followers. 8. Share of voice Share of voice is usually part of a competitive analysis or paid advertising campaign. It indicates how much of the online sphere your brand is taking part in. Why you should track Facebook share of voice: Within your industry. you have competitors that also take up a similar audience and social space. The more one is talked about. the greater the share of voice is.

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Where to find it Calculate share of voice on your own with the formula: Share of voice  Your brand metrics / Total market metrics Or. use Sprout’s social listening feature to help you track your share of voice. Input the keywords and topics you want to track and then check in with the results later on. Listening Topic Insights are filterable to a per-network level. so you can understand how your share of voice compares between Facebook and Twitter. Screenshot of Sprout Social’s Listening Dashboard Facebook Group analytics This section focuses on analytics that are specific to Facebook


Groups. You’ll be able to find the metrics if you are logged into the Group as an admin. Group Insights are available for Groups that are larger than 50 members. 9. Top contributors Top contributors tell you who is most engaged inside your Group. These individuals are likely your biggest brand advocates who enjoy your content Why you should track Facebook contributors: Use this metric to know who you can rely on to drive conversations. Similarly, Don’t forget to thank them for their involvement and consider them as part of a pool to choose from if you need more moderators. 10. Engagement This metric gives you the days and times your members are most active. as well as posts. comments and reactions counts.

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