The great artistic and architectural movements such as Art Nouveau and Modern Style, influenced the typographers. With its arrival, IT offered the public a new Maldives Email List approach to typography. Desktop publishing ( DTP ) software has democratized access to document creation. “Lexicon of typographical rules in use at the national printing house” , published by the National printing house. To better understand what typography is, the Abilways Digital agency has produced an infographic covering the essentials of typography. The typography (typography in English) , as the web, fashion … follows trends. It is a fundamental element of the content disseminated via print or the web in communication .

Nowadays, communication agencies,  graphic designers, use the word “typography” to identify in graphics the style of writing used in a document. For 2017, the “watchword” of the trend is to highlight the elements of the content . As for the colors , use 2 or even 3 fonts maximum. Whatever style of font is used, it is essential to prioritize readability above all. The reader should find the reading enjoyable and easily and quickly retain the message conveyed. For the web, Google has set up an open source font hosting service. This service called Google Fonts (Google Webfonts before June 2013)  offers 847 fonts in different languages.

You Can Download And Use Them For

These are popular fonts with strong personalities. They are mainly used on the web for titles for example. You can download typographies, fonts for free. Some sites such as Google Fonts offer to download free fonts from the Internet. Dafont is one of the best known French-speaking sites for Internet users to download and use free fonts. The fonts offered on this website remain the property of their authors. The license is also mentioned for each policy. If you can’t find what you are looking for on sites that offer free fonts, you can opt for a paid font from a site like Fontspring . after unzipping the files you downloaded, all you have to do is select the font files.


The purpose of the photo credit is to respect copyright and result in a mandatory mention. Under Mac OS X (from version 10.3) : after unzipping the files you have downloaded, all you have to do is double-click on the font file> “Install font” button at the bottom of the window . To conclude, choosing a typography is an essential step for all your communication media. Typography allows you to give a rhythm, a tone, to enhance the content with its hierarchy and to make it easier to read. The photo credit also called ” photo credit” guarantees respect for the intellectual property of the photographer, author of the work.

Free On A Personal Or Commercial Website

This notion of photo credit was born at the end of the 1960s. For any use, reproduction or marketing of photos and images on the web or in print, the mention of photo credits is compulsory out of respect for the work of the author . the patrimonial rights , representing the financial rights of reproduction and representation, according to the Code of intellectual property ( Article L.121-1 ) . The intellectual property code authorizes the author to enjoy the right to respect for his name, his quality and his work. The image is automatically associated with its author, regardless of the communication medium. In some cases, it is accepted that the photo credits are mentioned on another page of the book.

When designing a flyer, sales brochure or brochure, photo credits are commonly affixed in small print on the border of the document. It is possible to use photos purchased from royalty free image banks , this means that the author has assigned his rights for a gratuity. The communication agencies can offer their customers buying art through image banks such as Fotolia and Shutterstock.  The rules to be observed for a purchased photo are stipulated in the conditions of use specific to each image bank. Depending on the License acquired (Standard or Extended),  the rules of use will be different. For example, for the use of a photo acquired via a Standard License on a commercial brochure, the number of copies will be limited to 500,000.

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