Creativity is a fickle friend. If you’re not in the right mood to write… well, you’re just not. Sometimes forcing yourself through the slump works, especially if you can get the words flowing (and I mean any words by that point), but it’s not exactly an ideal way to work.

Copywriters are required to be creative to a deadline, meaning they often have to do the above. So how can we make forced writing less of a creativity killer?

One answer is getting enough breaks. A University of Illinois study found that prolonged attention to a single task actually hinders your performance during that task. Taking breaks allows you to wake up out of automation and return to the task with fresh attention.

So stand up, walk around, go to the toilet, look out the window, make a cup of tea, talk to people. Get out of your chair! BBC worklife has some good productivity techniques and will make you feel less guilty about watching all those cat videos.

You can also decorate your desk with things that make you happy; things that inspire you and keep you motivated and more positive about coming to work. Now I’m not saying the answer to better writing is buying a cactus… but buy a cactus.

Pen and paper

Even though most, if not all of your copywriting jobs require a computer, never underestimate the power of pen and paper. Not only can India WhatsApp Number List a nearby notepad be handy, but it can also help the flow of ideas come more naturally.

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Physical writing creates less of an urge to edit as you go along. You can’t delete lines as absolutely from existence in a notebook as you can on-screen, allowing you to return and rework after some thinking. Many well-known writers find writing on paper more pleasing than the glare of a blank word document.

It can also be frustrating having to flit through tabs to switch between notes and work. Having a notepad lessens the stress, and you can doodle too!

Having a written agenda, journal, or to-do list is not only useful, but can make you feel proactive and positive about work, whilst providing aesthetic brightness to your desk.

The ability to take criticism

This has been many a copywriters’ downfalls, and especially in a profession where your work is technically someone else’s, you’d better learn to suck it up and deal with it.

Sometimes a client will destroy your work and you think, “they are so wrong”, and sometimes you’re right. But consider that that might not always be the case.

It’s their business after all, so perhaps they know best. And even if you’re utterly convinced they’re wrong, just think – maybe others would also see the situation from.

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