As for a profile (personal page) , you can: Personalize your page in the image of your company, publish news and organize events, add applications … Coca Cola Facebook pageCoca Cola Facebook page: 97 433 564 FANS People who “LIKE” your Page and their friends see the posts on your Page in Tajikistan Email List their News Feed. Why create a Facebook Company page? Beyond a free presence on the web, by investing a little of your time, a Facebook page allows you to: Extend and optimize your visibility, maintain contact with your prospects and customers, boost your image, let your customers do your advertising, manage your e-reputation . How to create a Facebook Company page? You can create and manage a Facebook page from your personal account. If you don’t have a Facebook profile.

First register and create a personal profile. facebook-registrationFacebook registration page: Once your Personal Page has been created, proceed to the creation of your Pro Page . Note: If you are creating a Page to represent a business, brand, organization, or celebrity, you must be an official representative of the relevant person or entity. facebook-page creationCreation of a business, brand, celebrity or business Facebook page. For a company or institution page , then enter: The category corresponding to your field of activity Company name For a local place or business : The category corresponding to your field of activity The name of the company or place Full address and a phone number facebook-page-settingsSetting up a business page Choose a short address for your Page.

What Is A Facebook Page?

You will certainly need to communicate the address to promote your Page, the simpler it is, the easier it is to find you. You can change the address of your page in “change settings” after creating your Page. Profile and cover photos Facebook will then ask you to upload your Profile photo . You can skip this step and come back later to prepare your profile picture. To correctly display your logo, prepare your file with Photoshop to obtain an image with a dimension of 180 x 180 pixels , your logo will be fully visible. If your logo fits in a very elongated rectangle, create a variation for social media. The next step is to add a cover image with dimensions of 851 × 315 pixels .


Remember to take into account the location occupied by the profile photo on the cover. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can resize your photos online . facebook page anthedesign dimensions photos For Facebook, the goal of the cover is to represent the company or the brand, nothing prevents you from using this space to add: The price of a product or a promotion, contact information (website, telephone, etc.), incentives to like and share your Page, calls to action for your Fans. Optimize your Facebook page Once your page is properly dressed with a nice profile picture and a nice cover, complete all the information on your page.

The more well-informed your page, the more visible it is. The information to be added is as follows: Opening hours, legal mentions, a long description, your missions, the year of creation of your activity, your products and your rewards … Don’t forget: you must verify your page by leaving a phone number with Facebook, you will then be called and a code will be sent to you. A Verified Page will rank higher in search results. All about Facebook page CTAs You can also create a “Call to action” or  “ Call to action  ” on your page, this button is located next to the “Like” button. You can choose from several Call To Action: Book Now :

And Communicate Without Intermediaries

For hotel or restaurant pages and all those that work by reservation. Contact us:  for all pages, redirect to a contact form. Use the app:  redirect to a Facebook app of your choice or a download link. Play:  redirect to a game application on Facebook or elsewhere. Buy: redirect to a store product page. Subscribe: redirect to a form to receive a newsletter. Watch the video:  redirect to a YouTube video or channel,…. Facebook call to action page Update November 2019 : it is now possible to link your Facebook page to a Whatsapp ID! Make yourself available on this network to 1.5 trillion users worldwide! In particular, you can add a contact badge to this channel directly on your company page.

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