Featuring employees on social media can help create a sense of community and belonging. When prospects see that your company comprises real people who care about each other and their work, they’re more likely to want to be a part of that community. Showcase how much fun your team has at work or doing charity work together. This will make prospects want to join in and be a part of something bigger.

Be Consistent

Being consistent on social media is key to success. But what does being consistent on social media mean?

To me, it means:

  • being authentic, transparent, and vulnerable
  • showing up as yourself, not some India Phone Number persona or idealized version of yourself
  • being upfront about your successes and failures
  • being consistent with the frequency and quality of your content

If you commit one post a day, make sure you do it. And make sure that each piece of content is something that your audience will find value in.


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How do you engage with your audience on social media in a way that’s both helpful and interesting?

Let’s look at some best practices for B2B social media engagement.

First off, it’s important to realize that social media is a two-way street. You can’t just blast out promotional content and expect people to pay attention. Instead, you need to focus on creating content that will interest your future customers – from blog posts and infographics to helpful tips and tricks. The key is to provide value rather than just trying to sell something.

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