Will allow a deeper vision to improve decision-making and deepen the understanding of the projects. We will simultaneously relate the concept of urban planning with that of geography: this is possible thanks to the unstoppable development of the different specialized software on the subject and high-speed internet access. Bim-gis system integration integration of workflows between bim and gis. Source: esri benefits of the interaction of “spatial intelligence” (gis) and the bim system. The different tools that work with gis expand the design value of projects carried out with the new bim system through the visualization and analysis of structures in their natural or artificial (built) environments.

The different tools that work

Therefore, environmental systems research institute highlights the following benefits when integrating bim and gis system: it improves data integration workflows by streamlining the exchange of information between both technologies. Avoid data duplication during project design. Make better decisions when planning, designing, building and operating the infrastructure or building. View Latvia Phone Number georeferenced bim models in their specific spatial context. Optimize the efficiency and results of the bim project. Build more connected , resilient and sustainable infrastructures. Building and civil engineering projects will be fully managed thanks to the interoperability offered by the new computer formats used in the bim methodology (ifc format, for example).

Find harmony between buildings

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The “smartcity” are an example where these work methodologies are applied. Inesem business school gis + bim master in civil engineering and infrastructures more information the bim system and smartcities benefits in engineering, architecture and construction: planning : perform more realistic analyzes with intuitive maps, based on project and territory data. Find harmony between buildings and natural environments by planning intelligently. It uses 2d and 3d visualization and analysis. Team coordination : connect your entire team with geospatial intelligence through maps that contain workflows, personnel and active data. Esri technology makes it possible to manage a construction site and track assets efficiently.

Sustainability, safety and future : supervise all construction data in real time: its proper functioning, sustainability and safety through dashboards and mobile tools. Design : uses the cad or bim data of your project in arcgis and combines it with the geospatial visualization. Query, analyze and edit with full integration with your design tools. Time saving : a work environment accessible from anywhere, mobility through the web and apps, and route calculation in the

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