Still too many natural referencing specialists are bent on working with generic keywords, certainly very popular but also highly competitive, which give little Italy Email List or no results. The secret of success lies on the long tail side  : it allows you to personalize your traffic acquisition strategy by better targeting your audience, and by offering products / services that perfectly meet the expectations of your prospects. The subject of the long tail brings us directly to local SEO. This type of natural referencing aims to optimize its web pages on geographically targeted queries, in particular by specifying the city (“buying an apartment in Paris”) . It is THE essential SEO technique for years to come!

The local SEO is all levers that allow you to appear in the results when such requests. The first of these levers is quite simple: it consists of registering on Google My Business and providing as much information as possible about your business. This is a subject that we have already mentioned on the blog, but it is worth remembering: voice search will turn SEO upside down (or is it already?) . And for good reason: in 2015 in the United States, 20% of all requests made on Google were made orally, especially on a mobile device. Is this the end of the keyboard? Should we soon expect to see an army of mobile users in the middle of a conversation with Google in the streets?

No, The Long Train Has Nothing To Do

The searches are more natural (with real sentences in them, and not Google gibberish) , Key expressions have fewer errors (automatically corrected by the interface) , The majority of questions are asked (“Hey Google, who’s the prettiest?”) . And that’s good for your SEO, since the highly prized Position Zero on Google is most often reserved for requests for voice searches! SEO is like a bicycle: if it stops moving, it’s guaranteed to fall! This is why it is forced to evolve with the times, according to updates and changes in the habits of Internet users. Don’t forget to get up to date with these few SEO tips  !


Are you looking for effective and comprehensive SEO software to improve your SEO performance? Test Yooda SEEURANK! SeeUrank or  See U Rank  is a  complete and 100% French professional SEO software published by Yooda  (Aldeis) . Used with Yooda Insight ,  SeeUrank  is a formidably effective SEO tool for improving your SEO performance. SeeUrank is an SEO software composed of 6 additional analysis modules dedicated to SEO performance  : Site analysis : SEO audit of your website, In-page optimization : complete analysis of a page and comparison with a competing page, Competition : analysis of your SEO competition, Popularity : the evaluation of your backlinks , Performance : measurement of your SEO performance and your  positioning on search engines ,

This Is The Name Given, In Seo Jargon

Like Yooda INSIGHT, Yooda SeeUrank is primarily intended for SEO professionals, SEO consultants and web agencies. seeurank seo dashboard softwareSEO software interface Yooda Seeurank Falcon. Thanks to its six SEO analysis tools, SeeUrank allows you to analyze your website, carry out competitive analyzes and control the benefits of your actions with regular positioning audits. Have a vision of your site’s directory structure, Know the distance of each page of the site in number of clicks from the home page, Create groups of pages by categories for example, Identify blocking factors ( missing or duplicated H1 , title or meta-descriptions ),

Identify broken internal and external links to eliminate 404 errors , Analyze link anchors and their popularity, Identify nofollow links, Analyze the content of your site with the density of each keyword, Generate a sitemap in xml format. See U rank site analysis helps optimize the content and structure of your website. Page analysis allows both to analyze the pages of your site, it also allows you to compare your pages with those of your competitors on the following criteria: The structure of semantic markup, Text content analysis, Outgoing links, The tagging of images and their weight, The loading time of the different pages.

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