Make your page visible At this point your page is ready and you can start posting and responding to Tanzania Email List posts and reviews left on your page. To be successful on Facebook, a well-made page is a good start. To be more efficient and more visible, it is necessary to implement a strategy respecting the following tips: Define a  strategy and a target before acting, favor quality over quantity, use video if you can, it’s very viral content, engage your fans, be social, publish according to your audience, create at least 50% original content, work on the hooks of your publications, analyze and follow your actions and the performance of your page. provided by Facebook with an online analysis tool such as .

Creating a Facebook page is free but to give good visibility to your publications, the use of paid Facebook advertising tools has become almost essential. Typography for 2016. And believe me, things are happening on the web;). A quick overview of the typographic trends of this year. ZEN READING Typography in 2016Updated on September 3, 2017 What is typo in 2016? Well my friends, it’s time for a change! According to the ThinkDesign blog, the typographies that will be popular this year will be the  Oranienbaum, Cornerston, Manifesto and Stellar font . However, I have a slight preference for the stellar which for my part changes from a “Raleway” or “Rosario” style typo .

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And my second preference is the Manifesto which brings a very classy side. 2016 will also be the year of typographic contrast. You can either work with a single typo available in several different weights, or combine several types of typography (even a sheriff typeface with a sans sheriff) . ThinkDesign also recommends a work based on the size of the typographies to break the monotony. In addition, the Serif is Back! To try it is to adopt it ! It’s also time to customize your fonts! Sources: moderator’s blogSources: moderator’s blog What do you think of high-vitamin cast iron? Well yes, 2016 sees big;) For your creations, you can play with transparencies on your fonts but be careful.


The font must remain readable, it is not a work of art;) For example, if you have a  logo reminiscent of luxury codes, you can use a fine sans Serif font with a difference in grease. The choice of a typo is mainly linked to the context in which it will be used while respecting the customer’s request. In short, what I want to explain to you is that the font is customizable as needed. For example, for your mobile applications, the preferred choice is a straight typeface like the Roboto powered by the American giant Google. For a designer website, we can choose fonts that are reminiscent of handwriting. It’s trendy but be careful you have to know how to dose because these fonts are not really optimal for.

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Readability on mobile for example. The typo has all its importance in the design of your projects. This year, it will be in good taste to add transitions to your texts, add animations or simply encapsulate your font in a pattern! Responsive fonts = happy users! What is greatly recommended by the ThinkDesign blog is to adjust your titles and your content in relation to the breakpoints of your responsive design site ! More and more fonts are to be chosen for your website Sources: moderator’s blogSources: moderator’s blog Here they are all without exception: Ubuntu Arvo Oxygen Signika Oswald Pacifico Cuprum Open Without Alegreya Raleway Lobster Roboto.

The typography must be thought out without using Jquery plugins which will adapt your fonts to you, but this has the consequence of adding another dependency to your web page. Which will weigh down your web page so it’s not great! And you, what will your typefaces be for 2016? Comment on our blog, we expect more than you! The proliferation of fake profiles can have serious consequences for people but also for companies! Cybercrime is increasing on social networks, how to protect yourself from it? ZEN READING fake facebook profilesUpdated on August 27, 2019 Fake social media profiles can damage your business image .

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