In some cases, there are partners or superiors who must participate in the decision process. But, if this is not the case and the prospect confirms that he is the one who decides, he can no longer deviate from the sale.


“Does the client think you are

the solution they need right now?”

After you get the “yes,” ask why, since the value they saw in your offer is what will make the purchase happen.

Did you notice that the examples are linked to the present tense? Use this also in the script of your sales speech , since the best time for a sale to happen is now and not in half a year , since the urgency of the client cannot wait (and neither can the sales commission).

Sales tips: how to improve the process?

The sales process is like an ocean, the deeper Italy WhatsApp Number List you go, the

more you see there is to explore. So, get your team ready to dive into some tips to improve the process and make it much more effective and profitable.

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types of sales

We just talked about the two main types of sales:

  1. simple
  2. complex.

That was the surface. Now let’s better understand some other types of sales that work well in these two main models.

I. Consigned sale

Payroll deductible sales are a strategy widely used by companies that want to expand their sales in partnership with entrepreneurs who do not act as formal employees, but who do not want to invest much either.

It works as follows:

  1. You leave your products with the partner to sell them.
  2. Then, he gives you the value of all the products sold, minus the agreed commission for each sale.
  3. The products that have not been sold are recovered, which means that the member has no obligation to pay anything for them.

II. Consultative sale

Consultative selling is the type of structure already discussed earlier, when we talked about complex selling.

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