This list of “Trusted” sites is updated regularly, and the inclusion criteria are quite strict. All the sites that compose it have been validated by several months of studies Equatorial Guinea Email List and statistical tests allowing us to make our calculation of the TF more reliable. How to know the Trust Flow of a website? To find out your TF score, go to the MAJESTIC site  , copy / paste the url of the site to be tested and the result is immediate. Indicateur Trust Flow – MAJESTIC  SEOIndicateur Trust Flow – MAJESTIC  SEO – agence web anthedesign How to interpret the results obtained? How to interpret your score from a Majestic SEO graph? Decryption from a capture of the analysis of the url  carried out with the Majestic SEO extension for Google Chrome.

Flow-Metrics-agence-web-anthedesignFlow Metrics home site AntheDesign TF 53 | CF 50 The TF index is located on the vertical axis of the visualization graph. A large number of points above the middle line reflects an area with a high confidence index. The Trust Flow index is most of the time lower than the Citation Flow , a site with a TF higher than the CF is often an institutional site (with a extension) or a domain authority (domain authority) . A TF score> 40 places a site in the High Trust Flow category according to Majestic SEO . What is the TF used for? The Trust Flow analysis of your inbound links allows you to carry out a qualitative audit of all your backlinks . It also makes it possible to target sites with interesting profiles as part of an SEO strategy integrating quality netlinking (TF> 40).

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TF (Trust Flow) is also a criterion for evaluating the market value of a domain name. This is even more true since the disappearance of PR (Google PageRank). KIFDOM-trust-flow-purchase-domain-purchase of domain name with display of TF To conclude The TF represents the quality and the confidence granted to the links which point towards your site or towards one of your pages . It sort of conveys the ability to convey trust to another page. This indicator is of particular interest to SEO professionals and website owners engaged in a natural referencing strategy. In short, a high TF is the assurance of good positioning on Google.


Before asking for several quotes to find out  the cost of a commercial brochure, do not lose sight of its main objectives: Reinforce the image and the message of your company, Be unique and stand out from the competition, Be designed for your target , Mark the reader’s mind and make him react. A professional presentation brochure should be visually appealing, well structured and well written. By respecting these conditions, your brochure has every chance of fulfilling its objectives. To find out more:  How to make a success of your sales brochure? commercial-brochure-tire-meeting Composition of the cost of a commercial brochure.

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The creation of a commercial brochure encompasses several services . Depending on the choice of your service provider (freelance graphic designer, printer, communication agency , freelance, etc.) , you may need to request several quotes. The most commonly quantified services are as follows: The design graphics with only layout or a complete creation, The editorial content with the acquisition and formatting of an already created content or complete editorial The printing of the plate : number of copies, choice of weights and finishes, … For some creations, the quote for a brochure may also include the purchase of photos or the services of a professional photographer.

From simple to quadruple depending on your request and the selected provider. In all cases and regardless of the agency or service provider consulted, a creative brief or a mini specification is essential to obtain a quote that meets your request and that you can compare. Breakdown of the cost of a commercial brochure Visual design: graphic creation or layout? For the graphic creation of your brochure, the “universal price” does not exist, the amount you will be asked will correspond to your needs  (execution of a simple layout or complete creation)  of the service provider (Freelance graphic designer, print agency) to whom you will entrust your service.

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