“Free” is one of the calls to action that doesn’t need a verb, the mere free word generates an impulse to act. The word free is the most powerful tool in your entire online marketer toolkit. And also the most powerful word to optimize your conversion funnel and boost your sales. of images Palestinian Territories Email List in Google Earth and Google Maps applications and to improve their quality, but not only. Find out more: Skybox satellites on Le Monde newspaper Google searchTo conclude, The American giant is much more than the “simple” search engine that made it known.


Since its inception, the search engine has grown sprawling and is starting to seriously worry advocates of individual freedoms, including the New York Times. Google collects and uses all the data on the planet and this is starting to raise a lot of questions about privacy, intellectual property,… Should we be afraid of the power of Google? Update : Announcement by Larry Page on Monday August 10, 2015: “Our business is doing well today, but we believe we can make it clearer and more responsible. So we are creating a new company called Alphabet ”. Alphabet! will become the holding company of the current mountain view giant intended to oversee all the companies of the group. Find out more:

But Ultimately Plans To Deploy A Network With

Don’t overuse it to avoid sounding boring. When the colors set the mood Beyond the symbolism of a particular color, their association determines the general atmosphere of a website. For a site highlighting “dynamism”, the use of complementary colors (diametrically opposed colors on the chromatic circle) will be relevant. For a “softer” atmosphere, favor unity and harmony by instead using similar colors by declining them in several different shades and tones.

To attract the attention of your visitors, use warm colors such as red, yellow or even the color orange, they evoke heat and arouse strong emotional reactions, on the contrary cold colors such as green, blue and purple will diminish them and have a soothing effect. warm-and-cold-colors-chromatic-circle The chromatic circle to associate them Once the colors of your website have been chosen, the right tones, contrasts and colorimetry themes remain to be worked on for your website.

24 Of These Devices, With The Ambition

The chromatic circle that we owe to Mr. Newton is precious to understand the mixture of colors. The color wheel is a circular representation of ordered colors like that of the rainbow. It presents in a simple way the sequence of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The primary colors are red, yellow and blue , they are the only ones that cannot be composed by a mixture of any other color, associated in equal parts they form black. The secondary colors are obtained from the association of the primary colors by two.

This is the magic word of marketing, and especially on the Internet where information is supposed to be free. Visitors always expect to get something for nothing. Examples: Free shipping costs, a free gift for any order, a free newsletter, a free five-year warranty, free gift wrapping, free maintenance advice, free technical support,… Give anything as long as it’s free, the word Free works even when you are targeting rich customers or BtoB prospects ,

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