Schools newspapers are a great way to inform and entertain highschool and college communities, but they are often not taken seriously. Perhaps the reason for that is the fact that some school newspapers are indeed amateurish. But they shouldn’t be. With the right team and with the right tools, it’s possible to produce a highly professional school paper. It can be a daunting task, at first. There are so many things that you need to do, from team management and training to article writing, photojournalism, design, production and online student publishing. You might need a little help. We are here to provide that.

This article is named “the ultimate guide for your school newspaper” because we have covered all the aspects of producing a student newspaper and managing the editorial team. We simply want you to be a little less stressed, while producing a Paraguay Phone Number student paper. This article is for everybody who is involved in the newspaper production, regardless of the role. You’ll find some valuable tips for running and contributing to your school newspaper.

Here’s A Quick Overview

Staff management for school newspapers Types of articles News writing Newspaper design School newspaper templates Online student publishing and production Staff management for school newspapers newspaper dream team Organizing a newspaper dream team (even if you’re not an expert) Let’s talk about the structure of the student newspaper team. What roles must be present in your team? How should you structure it? How many people should be part of the team? There are many different ways to organize the staff, but you’ll likely end up with a team that is more or less similar to traditional newspaper team structure, with the addition of the faculty advisor.

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Let’s take a look at the typical roles in a newspaper team: Faculty advisor – gives the final approval to the school paper. Is responsible for reading all articles and notifying the staff if a piece is not yet ready for press. If it doesn’t meet the newspaper’s standards Reporters (news, sports, photo, opinion, tech) – are responsible. For staying up to date with the latest and upcoming events happening in school. They should also stay informed on politics, sports, technology or culture. The department they are in Editor / Department editors – editors plan and cover articles, proofread. Edit reporter submissions. Department editors are responsible for all the articles that belong in. Their section and they work closely with the editors and reporters that are in their sections.

They Should Be More Experienced

Than editors, so the department editor role shouldn’t be assigned to a junior student Designers + Art director. The design/ art team is in charge of the visual aspect of the newspaper, including layouts, illustrations. Everything that is related with the visual aspects. The art director oversees the entire design process. So he works closely with the designers Photo reporters + photo editors. In smaller teams the role of the photo editor is not necessarily. Because his responsibilities by the art director Production manager. Responsible of setting the production schedule and making sure the all departments are meeting deadlines for copy. Design, editing, proofreading and so on.

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