The cost of a commercial brochure can quickly climb with the purchase or the making of professional photos. Some benchmarks on the side of the tariffs: Example for Eritrea Email List a 2-fold, 4-page, closed A4 format brochure: Free template in PSD format: Free (valid if you have mastered Photoshop) Template without any modification: from 270 € HT Template with some modifications: from 420 € HT Execution of a layout and preparation of the file for printing: between 400 € and 800 € HT (excluding art purchase) Graphic design with 2 or 3 cover proposals and the creation of a layout system: between € 800 and € 3,000 (with or without art purchase) Editorial content Text content is as important as graphics . It must be sufficiently clear and attractive to trigger contact or an order if sent by mail.

Price side: Creation of text content of 3000 characters or 500 words: between 200 and 350 € HT Proofreading: from 100 € HT Editorial assistance: from 150 € HT The cost of printing your communication brochure The budget devoted to printing your commercial brochure will depend on the following characteristics: The format and number of pages (A4, square, custom-made) The number of copies to print, (the unit cost decreases the more the print run) The choice of grammage, (between 300 and 400 gr / m², the standard is 350 gr / m²) The choice of paper, (matt or gloss coated paper, recycled paper, etc.) The finishes, (none, flat or folded creasing, matt or glossy lamination, soft touch , selective varnish , embossing, etc.)

According To Matt Cut

Examples of prices for printing 1,000 commercial brochures A4 format, 2 flaps, 4 pages, glossy coated paper 350 gr / m²: between 550 and 900 * € HT A4 format, 2 flaps, 4 pages, glossy coated paper 350 gr / m² + front / back lamination: between 700 and 1,100 * € excl. (* depending on the type of proof chosen, the printer, printing and delivery times) commercial brochure for a real estate developer Commercial brochure for a real estate developer The real cost of a commercial brochure In the graphic design professions , the notion of “fixed price or package” is not widely used. In addition, each request is unique; between a creation from a blank page and the formatting of an existing content,


The time spent on creation and the budget allocated to art purchases will not be the same, a formal estimate will take into account all these elements. For the creation of a first commercial brochure and for small budgets, the option of a design from a selection of templates or Templates can be interesting. If you opt for this type of offer, you can easily divide the budget for creating your brochure by 3, as long as you do everything on your own and do not want to stand out. Is your website popular? The Citation Flow gives you a first answer. LECTURE ZEN Majestic Citation FlowUpdated October 28, 2021 Citation Flow : what is it ?

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The Citation Flow is a popularity indicator almost equivalent to the very famous Google PageRank , which has failed to update since the end of 2013. It is complementary to the Trust Flow, the two indicators put together constitute the Flow Metrics. In the absence of an up-to-date PageRank accessible to all, other indicators allow different websites to be compared with each other. And the Citation Flow or CF is one of the most used by the SEO community. The Citation Flow indicator  is owned by MAJESTIC SEO which also has the world’s largest link index database.

This indicator is intended in particular for: all SEO professionals , media analysts, and website owners. The CF is also a criterion used to assess the market value of a domain name. Citation Flow according to MAJESTIC SEO This is an indicator of the popularity of the page, an assessment of its ability to “pass juice”. The Citation Flow is calculated from the total number of links, the number of refDomains, the number of different class Cs… It is graduated from 0 to 100. The more a page has a high CF, the more it is able to bring you popularity How to know your CF? Nothing could be simpler, go to MAJESTIC , copy / paste the url of the site to test and the result is immediate!

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