The last, but not the least – Marketing. This step involves various components starting from forming a cohesive marketing funnel to sharing video content on social media.

Indeed, video content marketing is very essential for B2B marketing. Businesses using this strategy are generating more leads, enjoying better brand awareness and earning more revenue than those who are using other forms of marketing.


Now if you are wondering how video content marketing can improve your SEO, then here are the 5 ways on how to boost your search engine:

Mobile Optimization

the prime focus of the web world. Within just a few years mobiles have exceeded the desktop views and it still continues to grow. Undoubtedly, they are becoming an indispensable part of our lives.

According to research in April 2018, internet traffic via mobile internet was 51% of the total online traffic. 90% of consumers prefer to China WhatsApp Number List watch videos on their Pcs. The trend of mobile optimization has become a trendsetter among various organizations.

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As it’s easy to watch a video rather reading text on the small screens. Therefore, being a brand, you have to take care of the screen also where people will explore your website.

Include Metadata

The same way you would optimize your website page by including meta title, meta description and meta tags, make certain that you fit the metadata even in the video descriptions. The search engines use the metadata to spot out your video and rank the results of the video accordingly.

The Metadata should incorporate the keywords in the title or the description, as the search engine will analyze it.

Metadata is basically the crux of the description of your product or service. The process of including metadata is simple and easy and takes very little time.

3. Make Video Sitemaps for your Page

If you are creating and publishing a lot of video content for your website and finding it a challenge to get a rank for them, then you might want to build a video sitemap to ease off the burden.

A video sitemap is a text file that has important data about your video content. When you submit a sitemap to Google, you are informing search engines that you have a video, it’s titled, subject matter, run time and about the audience you want to target.

This information plays a crucial role to get your video indexed by search engines.

In short, a video sitemap helps Google to get a better understanding of which websites have video content and what is the focus of the content.

Have a look at the video to learn more about how to easily create video sitemap for Google and get started:


Share the Video on Various Channels

Sharing the video content on various social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram will help you to analyze which is the most engaging video.

Video sharing is trending on every social media website and it will never cease. Remember, the more engagement your video will create, the better will be the ranking of your page and you will authoritative in the eyes of Google.

Encourage Users to Comment and Like

When we talk about interaction and engagement, the most effective way to do that is encouraging users to comment and like.

You can encourage users to like and comment on your video by adding a captivating call to action.

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