How to accurately convey the idea of ​​a product to users depends on whether we have established the correct cognition for the product.

As shown in the picture, it is a Spain Phone Number product that focuses on local tour guides and long-term hotel rental services. It contains many new concepts. As a boss, of course, I hope to put all the commercial chains into the product. However, in actual situations, the tiled combination of the three types of information in the figure lacks logical correlation, which makes users have a wrong perception and distrust of the value and goals of the product, resulting in a very low retention rate.

On the contrary, if the product first focuses on the core function of local tour guides, and gradually builds up users’ awareness and trust in the product, then promotes hotel payment services through the contact point of people, the effect will be much better.

Case 2: Respect the user’s cognitive inertia


The two screen layouts above are from e-commerce products. The picture on the right is the display form of the e-commerce platform that we are familiar with. The main goal of the user is to search for products; while there is no search box in the picture on the left, the focus of the user’s attention falls on the operation banner that occupies a large layout. The content of the operation will greatly affect our perception of this product. If the banner is about the registration of the first-year mathematics tutoring course, we are likely to be misled by the copy information, thinking that this is an educational platform, but in fact it is a rebate e-commerce platform.

This case shows that the product must keep the information logic consistent, conform to the inertia of the user’s cognition Spain Phone Number and do not appear misleading information for the user. What is cognitive inertia? It means that e-commerce has the appearance of e-commerce, and social networking has the appearance of social networking. It is easy to not challenge their existing mature models.

To give a classic case, if there is a hard advertisement in the WeChat Moments saying that a pair of shoes is 99 yuan, we will be very disgusted. But if someone you know posted a Moments post saying that a pair of shoes I wore recently was of good quality and comfortable to wear, we would be more acceptable for only 99 yuan. Because this language description is in line with our cognitive inertia about social products.

Summary: How to Build Awareness

Spain Phone Number
Spain Phone Number

Experiment: Build Trust Quickly

After the user has formed a certain awareness of the product, how can we continue to increase his trust in the product?

In the sharing session, I conducted an experiment, inviting everyone present to introduce. Themselves, and then rate each other to see who has the highest trust score. Finally, it was found that self-introductions with high trust scores contained at least one of the three keywords of competence, goodwill and honesty. Capability information is easier to quickly build trust. For example, I am the head of a marketing department in Ali. Others will say that I adopt some kittens, or tell some honest stories, which will increase the trust of others.


So how do competence, goodwill and honesty manifest in a product?


(Being handsome is also an ability)

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