the conversion tunnel is a representation of the paths visitors for up to conversion. The conversion tunnel is established from a series of predetermined steps with the final objective of gradually converting visitors to your site: a Mayotte Email Lists action, a first contact, a purchase, a registration or a call. All Internet users who navigate in this tunnel are oriented with targeted content and established according to a predefined scenario, the conversion tunnel analysis makes it possible to measure the efficiency of the journey and to optimize it if necessary. conversion funnel


How to measure the efficiency of your conversion funnel? Before optimizing a conversion funnel, it is still necessary to be able to measure its performance and associate an indicator to it. This indicator is naturally called the conversion rate. Its calculation formula is extremely simple and efficient. Tunnel conversion rate = (Total number of conversions / Number of visitors entered the tunnel) x 100 The conversion being the number of people who take the desired action, the average and commonly accepted conversion rate is between 2 and 4%.

After Optimizing Your Seo To Drive Traffic To Your Site

This average actually hides strong disparities from 0.1% to more than 35% depending on the site, the page, the messages and the desired action. Example: taking a “standard” conversion rate of between 2 and 4%, it is necessary to acquire between 25 and 50 visitors on an ecommerce site for a sale. Note: around 5% of impressions (people who see your URL) generate a visit to your website, so 500 to 1000 people must see your URL for each conversion, hence the importance of working well on your SEO . If you follow your site’s audience with Google Analytics ,

you can very easily create your funnels and know your conversion rate in two clicks. behavior flow at the origin of an anthedesign agency website conversionVisitor session behavior feed from tafic generated by natural results that caused a conversion between February 15 and March 15. Capture of the agency website, source Google Analytics The tunnels or funnels created have no impact on the goal conversion rate or the e-commerce conversion rate. The tunnel conversion rate is based on the percentage of funnel visits that result in conversions.

Here Are Some Tips To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

Optimize your conversion funnel with the call to action By following these few simple rules applied to calls to action, you can improve the conversion rate of your tunnel and by extension that of your website. This technique is also called CRO . Generate leads Email addresses are worth gold in e-marketing! So if you don’t have a newsletter, invent a reason to collect addresses. Example: Enter your e-mail address to receive a voucher worth … Offer some benefit when asking visitors to register. Of course, give them the option of giving you permission to contact them by email in the future. Use hyperlinks as internal incentives

A link is an implicit call to action, “click here” being what almost all web users understand. With good phrasing, a call-to-action link draws visitors to a new page where they believe they can satisfy their personal interests. Example: Earn more, exceptional products, naughty dates, … No more than 2 clicks to reach the action Allow your visitors to perform the action or actions with a maximum of two clicks. Example: Keep your calls to primary actions like “Add to cart” in the main navigation and in all product pages. Use the magic word of marketing Free:

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