Use of numerical methods, 1965, phoneme recognition (the smallest discrete or distinctive unit in Sri Lanka Email Database continuous speech), 1968, recognition of isolated words  (up to 500 words)  by systems installed on mainframe computers, 1971, launch in the United States of the ARPA project, to test the feasibility of the project, 1972, the first word recognition device is marketed, 1978, a microprocessor recognition system on a printed circuit board is marketed, 1983, entry into service of a voice command on board a French fighter plane, 1986, launch of a Japanese ATR telephone project, with real-time machine translation. 1997, release of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking  voice recognition software  on Windows 95, it is voice recognition accessible to the general public.

Wikipedia Applications from voice recognition Thanks to the progress made since then, an individual can dictate a text message, dictate a request  instead of typing it on a keyboard. Speech processing techniques also make it possible to achieve man-machine interfaces in industry. A message can be secured with the voice signature. All the heavyweights of electronics are doing it all and almost everyone knows the stars of voice recognition: Apple with Siri , the major innovation of the iPhone 4S, Microsoft with its assistant Cortana , Google with its ” ok Google ” . Telecom operators are also getting started, Bouygues Telecom has launched Miami Voice voice control to control its box.

This Technological Feat Was At

You can ask your box verbally to search for video content and information. The explosion of voice search The voice recognition is now possible on most Smartphones, it is then sufficient to formulate his request with voice and you get the results of research required is the voice search . According to a Google study in 2015, one in four adults speaks to their Smartphone across the Atlantic and 20% of searches are already voice. Adolescents are even more numerous, more than half of them use voice search. According to a study by Northstar Research in 2015, voice search is mainly used when on the move. For example, mobile users use voice search to request an address and according to statistics, this is the case for 4 out of 10 adults surveyed. ok google .


The impact of voice search on SEO The growth of mobile internet and connected objects is amplifying the use of voice recognition and by extension voice search. The massive use of voice search has consequences in terms of visibility and natural referencing; they are indeed different from those entered on the keyboard: Requests grow longer Regarding Search ( search engine) , the average number of words per query increased with voice search. The lengthening of requests mainly benefits the long tail . Keywords are replaced by real sentences (subject, verb, complement) It facilitates queries because the syntax of the sentences is correct.

The Initiative Of The Bell Labs

Jayson DeMers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, an SEO agency based in Seattle, explains how voice search has consequences for the SEO (SEO) : Voice search queries creates a new kind, unique and different for search engines. As the interest and weight of keywords decreases, now is the time to take a close look at RankBrain and artificial intelligence. google voice search Another particularity of voice search, voice requests often take the form of questions (Siri syndrome?). In fact, the websites and forums that provide the answers to all these voice requests benefit from higher visibility, provided they are SEO Friendly .

To conclude, Voice search is gaining ground and requires a watch on the natural referencing side of your website, SEO continues to evolve! So two keywords so that your website does not lose visibility on Google because of voice search: Anticipation and adaptation! Creating and uploading a Google AdWords campaign is accessible to everyone. To make it profitable, you will need to define a good strategy and optimize it. ZEN READING Google AdwordsUpdated on December 3, 2021 Reminder. Google AdWords is the online advertising program of the Google search engine. The Google AdWords program carries out advertising campaigns  on the Internet using simple and effective ads.

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