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That is precisely what the debt brake does.” It was also part of the neoliberal Zeitgeist that promoted the privatization of state companies, as well as the reform of the welfare system and the labor market. “There was the idea that unless you put shackles on the state, it has a natural tendency to keep expanding,” said of Heinrich Heine University. But it was the havoc wreaked on state coffers by the global financial crisis that ensured its passage into law. Two fiscal stimulus packages and a billion bank bailout had left the eurozone’s largest economy with a deficit of €86 billion and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 81 percent, much higher than the percent limit. percent established in the EU treaty.

Country’s status as the eurozone’s

It reassured markets about the sustainability of Germany’s public finances and the ,said Marco Buti, an in Florence and a former long-time EU official. The debt Argentina Phone Number Database brake certainly helped put Germany. On a more sustainable footing. Under Angela Merkel, the veteran Christian Democratic chancellor. The country consistently maintained balanced budgets (known as the Null. Or “black zero and by its debt-to-GDP ratio had fallen to 60 percent. It experienced 10 consecutive years of economic growth. The highest levels of employment since reunification, and increased tax revenues.

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economist at the European University Institute

There was the thinking behind the debt brake idea to its eurozone partners. This peaked with the 2012 fiscal pact, which dictated strict budget Cambodia Phone Number List discipline for all. Eurozone members and which Berlin saw as a first step towards a fiscal union.” Other EU countries have been reluctant to copy Germany’s experiment. “The excessively rigid way in which it was conceived was not optimal. Buti said. “You can see that in the way the government has created these multiplicity of special. Vehicles to help circumvent the rules. And now the Constitutional. Court has exposed this contradiction.” Feld, who continues to defend the rule.

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