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When comparing the transaction and the order later, you save a lot of time and avoid costly write-offs. With Virtual Cards Procurement you accelerate payment processes and at the same time improve the transparency of all expenses. At the end of the agred billing period, you will only receive one single, easy-to-understand collective statement from.

Attracted Nearly Billion In Venture Capital

While you benefit from an extendd payment term, your service providers and suppliers enjoy immdiate payment through. In this database way, you protect your company’s cash flow and can optimize the accounts payable period. Free webinars & e-books on virtual cards Find out more about how AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement works, the chances and possibilities for your company. We cordially invite you to watch our free webinars and power sessions on demand.


The Crypto And Blockchain Sector Has

You can also find more information and use cases in our e-books on the subject. And if you have any further questions about Virtual BEB Directory Cards, please do not hesitate to contact us!Artificial intelligence will change the business travel industry forever – and the release of ChatGPT in particular causd a lot of positive and negative fedback. We couldn’t resist a test either! Completely neutral, it remains to be said: This AI model is excitingly new – and already gives us a glimpse into the future of the industry.

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